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Another Facebook Friday

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To Our Structured Data Lovers

Are you utilizing the schema MobileApplication markup? If not, you may be missing out on creating the best user experience possible. Which could lead to people utilizing other sites who do use this markup because it is easier and more enjoyable for them. This is something to take note of since more people everyday are using their mobile devices instead of computers to surf the web.

15 Important Facebook Statistics for Social Media Marketing Purposes

15 Important Facebook Statistics for Social Media Marketing Purposes It is a fact that Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. There have been several studies and surveys that reveal its popularity as well as the behavior of its users.
These statistics are of great importance to businesses, especially for they can use them to boost their social media marketing effectiveness. Creating a brand strategy around these findings can effectively enhance the visibility of brands for sure.

Here are 15 most important Facebook statistics you should know about and implement as a business:
Facebook has the most users
There are 2.07 billion MAUS or monthly active Facebook users, that is, more than one-third of the world population. So, you can imagine how effectively you can use Facebook for your brand’s reach.
More multilingual users
More than half of the users speak more than one language, in addition to English or otherwise. It was also found that around 4.5 million posts and co…

Traffic Attracting Tips

Traffic Attracting Tips:

1. Guest Posting- This will help get people who are fans of your guest that week on your site, potentially gaining you some new followers of your own, but definitely more traffic for your site

2. Social Media Promotion- (obviously) Utilize the fastest growing platform

3. Quora- Answer people's questions and you will be seen as an expert, compelling people to visit your site!