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LinkedIn Tip #2

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A LinkedIn Must

A LinkedIn tip you must do: Keep the basic information on your profile as updated as possible. Believe it or not, the basic information is what keeps people from scrolling down because you don't stand out or clicking on your because they want to hire you.

Personalized Content is Gold

Recent studies have shown that content that is personalized through the use of actual customer profiles can help keep customers coming back and loyal to reading your content. Continuous research needs to be done, but it will be worth it.

Creating customer profiles and tracking their behaviors through data are two of the most effective ways you can start to create your personalized content.

You can gather this data from:

1. Google Analytics
2. Research
3. Lead signup information
4. Personal conversation

The 90/90/90 Rule

The 90/90/90 Rule
is a rule for sales and digital marketing professionals stating that these professionals get 90% of their software projects completed 90%, 90% of the time due to all of the other projects, duties, and daily obligations. 
DO NOT fall victim to this rule! One of the best ways to make sure that you see a project through from start to finish is to set a certain amount of time aside a day to work on that project, note big milestones for this project after you complete them and use that as a progress report, and at the end of the month, check your progress on the project each month to see where you are.
Having a constant check-up on your project will ensure that it does not slip away from your task list, which is one of the main reasons why we forget we have certain tasks. 

404 Errors

Are you seeing a 404 error on an old version of you site? It is ok if you are seeing these 404 errors on very old parts of your site that don't internally link to pages & don't get traffic, they technically don't matter. However, if they are linked, this will be held against your site.