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Google Search Console and Domain Properties? What what?

According to Search Engine Land, Google Search Console is experimenting with domain properties.

What's that mean?

As Google looks to migrate more features from the old Google Search Console to the new one, Google is rethinking how properties should be organized.

To learn more, read their enlightening article.

What is Sparktoro?

Have you heard about Sparktoro? Rand Fishkin's new business venture? If not, you should check it out.

Here's what their site describes them as:

SparkToro™ is in the early stages of building data and a software product to help marketers, public relations professionals, and entrepreneurial teams learn more about the audiences they want to reach.

My personal experience:

I've used their SparkScore tool and their Fake Followers Audit. And find both of those tools to be amazing ideas. On the strength of those two ideas alone I'm pulling for this company's success and hope they realize their full vision. One of the major problems with social media, especially Twitter, is the noise that bots and trolls create. Cutting through the BS and finding the real value of what you see on Twitter? I can't even begin to calculate how useful that is!

Google Offers Help to Stop Bots

For the longest time it seemed like the internet was all "more bots, more bots, more bots" and now it's walking that back and instead it is saying "OK! Stop bots!"

Google has heard the clarion call of webmasters everywhere and wants to give out a 50 DKP minus to stop bots!

Reading their latest Webmaster Central Blog on reCAPTCHA, it's all about stopping bots with what they call a "frictionless user experience."

Whatever that means? Amirite?

They offer up some cool bar charts to prove their point though:

Does SEO Actually Work?

I wrote this for my new Doctor Digital column over at Results Driven Marketing's Blog. But I wanted to share it here too.

It's the most basic question of all: Does SEO Actually Work?

Yes it does! But not like you think it does.

This graphic should explain it pretty well:

Digital Marketing for Law Firms, How Hard is it?

A lot of "verticals" or industries make sense for digital marketing and the whole process can be very easy and intuitive. For instance, if you are running a Search Engine Optimization company, it's very straightforward to content market:

1- Write blogs or articles about SEO
2- Try to answer questions people have about SEO
3- Optimize those blogs around what the questions are and what you are saying.

But what about an industry that is a lot more complicated and not very straight forward? What about marketing for lawyers?

ACE, one of Philadelphia's top Law Firm Marketing companies, just posted this extremely helpful blog about why SEO is important for Law Firms. It delves into exactly how to do the job for a complex industry like the law and its practitioners.

One of the key points in the entire article is: "If your customer journey does not have a use for search services, then you'll never see SEO campaign results."

We recommend reading the whole thing. …

Tip #3 to improve your digital marketing

Do Your Research You may have ideas for what is going to work best for your audience based on past experience with your ads, but taking the time to conduct thorough research and have data to support your actions is important. You may anticipate that your customers will behave a certain way, when in fact they go in a completely different direction. It’s essential to be prepared for this ahead of time and use the information you collect from research to planning your marketing strategy. Elliot Simmonds explains this concept below:

“ A lot of people use sponsored posts and other paid advertising, and it seems that many are happy to simply pay the money and watch the views and clicks roll in - even if some of those clicks are from individuals tangential to the product or service they're promoting. Most platforms allow you to specifically target your sponsored posts and ads, and my tip is to do so following a period (even if it's only a short period) of actual research. Your gut i…