Monday, March 13, 2006

Web Marketing Tools and Wisdom

Two new resources for Web marketing assistance have recently been added to the Advice page on WebMarketCentral, the Web marketing portal.

First, Mike's Marketing Tools guru Michael Wong offers reviews of a large selection of Web marketing tools, including ad tracking software, autoresponders, keyword bid management, email marketing, search engine optimization, and Web site traffic analysis. The site also features a collection of Web marketing tips on topics such as Three Ways to Get Listed in Google and Top 12 Tips To Writing Effective Google AdWords Ads, as well as a selection of useful free tools (Mike's search engine position check tool provides a fast and easy way to see how well your site is showing up in the major search engines).

Second, Mike Schultz's RainToday site provides articles (free but registration required) on management, marketing strategy, marketing tactics, sales strategy, and rainmaking tactics; research reports (fee-based); and other resources designed to help service providers grow their business.


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