Monday, September 18, 2006

How to Sell, Where to Buy

The professional services marketing experts at RainToday will be hosting a valuable Webinar on "How to Lead Masterful Sales Conversations" October 5th and 10th. The seminar is designed to help sales and marketing professionals engage in productive conversations with prospects, avoid common mistakes, and move the conversation forward toward new business generation.

Shifting gears, the selection on the Top Marketing Books page at WebMarketCentral had been getting a bit stale; it has now been completely updated with new titles such as Blogwild! by Andy Wibbels and (gotta love this title) How to Sell to an Idiot by John Hoover. There is also a new Web marketing store on the site where you can shop for useful Web marketing software and cool hardware.

More content I think you'll find interesting will be added to the site soon, and posted about here as soon as it is up.


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