Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Adding Social Networking Links to Your Blog

Happening across Blogs Are Like Pliers on the One by One Media blog, I noticed two things: 1) these guys are pretty smart, and 2) the social networking links across the bottom of each post are cool. Where did they get them?

It didn't take long to find the Social Bookmark Link Creator. This handy tool enables you to add links to a variety of social bookmarking sites to each of your blog posts in Blogger, Wordpress, or MoveableType.

I'm guessing it works best with Wordpress. In Blogger, the tool only allows you to add text links to social bookmarking sites, and even then, it took some experimentation to get the links to show up in the right place without breaking my template. It also only provides instructions for creating a vertical list; if you prefer a horizontal list -- which I think looks better -- you'll need to add "&nbsp" between the links to keep them from running together.

I tried adding social bookmark icons from the ExplodingBoy blog, but couldn't get them to line up properly. At ExplodingBoy, Christopher Ware also provides social bookmark tagging code, though to a more limited number of sites than the One to One folks, and his code only works with PHP pages.

Still, this is, theoretically, a helpful traffic-building tool to add to your blog. Making it easy for readers to tag their favorite posts in your blog for others should bring you more readers, and it's very Web 2.0-ish.


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