Friday, September 14, 2007

MarketingSherpa Releases 2008 Search Marketing Benchmark Guide

MarketingSherpa recently published its Search Marketing Benchmark Guide for 2008, providing data on cost per click (CPC), conversion rates, SEO and other key online marketing metrics. The study is designed to help online marketers set PPC and SEO budgets, forecast results, test online marketing programs, and even (toughest of all)—explain search marketing plans to your client or CEO.

Among the key findings:
  • Search marketing continues to grow at an incredible pace, with spending up 39% globally in 2007.

  • A third of respondents anticipate double-digit spending increases on both SEO and Google PPC programs in 2008.

  • Marketers rate SEO second and search engine marketing (PPC) ads third in terms of ROI, behind only house-list email marketing. Online banner ads and print advertising receive the lowest grades for ROI. The return on PR spending is viewed as the most difficult to measure.

  • Thinking of bringing SEM and SEO in-house? Nearly a third of corporate respondents said that finding talented SEO specialists is "very difficult" (which is probably why KCA's business is expanding in this area).

  • Click fraud remains a significant problem, but is very difficult to measure (duh! Like you needed a research study to learn that.).

The complete study will set you back about $300, but this excerpt is free.


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