Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Oh Canada!

Being the day before Thanksgiving, it's likely that few people are thinking about work, but many are thinking about travel. So, here's an off-topic travel post for the holiday weekend.

We took a family trip to Canada in August—six days of getting away from cell phones (no coverage), the Internet (no connections) and normal life in general. There was plenty of scenery on the drive up Minnesota's north shore and around the top of Lake Superior, as shown in the first two photos here (although, by the end of the trip, the kids had grown a bit weary of "rocks, water and trees").

There isn't much civilization between Thunder Bay and Sault St. Marie, leading us to spend one evening at a cabin that was "rustic" to say the least. Ah, but that's the kind of experience memories are made from. Also a lot of great hiking.

Among the most interesting Kodak moments, however, were some of the signs we came across.

First, there was the stop sign that was definitely Canadian—someone had spray-painted the ubiquitous "eh!" across the bottom.

Second, I puzzled over a sign near the Magpie Scenic High Falls. I'm no expert on boating, but even I could figure out that "high falls" and "boat launch" aren't a good combination. Not for a boat I'd want to be in, anyway.

Finally, every few miles were the bi-lingual moose warning signs. Apparently, there is quite a danger of running French moose at night, for sure.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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