Tuesday, December 04, 2007

An Excellent Podcast on Interactive PR

When two of the smartest people in blogging and interactive PR have a conversation, it's worth listening in on. Paul Dunay at Buzz Marketing for Technology yesterday posted his podcast interview, PR's Role in New Media, with Cece Lee of the PR Meets Marketing blog. Here are few of the highlights:
  • PR professionals are taking advantage of online marketing tools and back-end analytics to increase and track coverage of company announcements. For example, they are no longer just search-optimizing press releases, but also using keyword selection tools and trackable URLS.

  • Corporate blogging has to be more than product promotion or another avenue for distributing press releases. It enables companies to share their perspective of the industry and establish a dialog with customers and prospects who choose to interact that way. But while a corporate blog shouldn't mimic the firm's PR, it can't contradict public statements either—the market will notice.

  • For PR professionals to effectively pitch bloggers, they need to establish a dialog first, whether through blog commenting or directly via email. Understanding who the blogger is and what he or she is interested in is key, and having one's own blog assists in this understanding.

There's lots more, so again check out Paul and Cece's podcast here.


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