Friday, March 06, 2009

Website Design of 2008

What are the current best practices in website design? What common design mistakes should you avoid? Where can you find creative new design ideas?

Many of last year's best articles and blog posts on the topic of website design were reviewed here in two posts on the best of website design so far in 2008, but to help answer the questions above, here are a few more.

25 Design Best Practices for Your Small Business Web Site by Search Engine Watch

Carrie Hill provides a helpful list of website design tips such as installing analytics software right away, using at least 250 words per page whenever possible, keeping contact forms simple, and using H1-6 tags, bold text and text links strategically for SEO. Though targeted at small businesses, the best practices outline in this post apply to websites of virtually any size.

7 deadly sins of site design by iMedia Connection

Seth Rosenblatt, VP of product marketing at CMS vendor Interwoven, uses the seven deadly sins of Dante's Divine Comedy as an outline for explaining common mistakes to avoid in website design, such as gluttony (excessive content), pride (being too self-focused in web copy) and sloth (slow load time, slow response to inquiries). Seth was no doubt inspired by the seven deadly sins of blogging.

freelance website designer - chicago

In need of some visual inspiration? This portfolio displays several examples of beautiful and creative website designs by Joe Edakkunnathu. A broad range of sites of sites are displayed here, from real estate and interior design to a comedy troupe, a personnel agency, a hotel, and a cool retro Sony microsite.

6 WordPress Themes From ThemeForest That Are Worth Every Penny by Rubiqube

Adrian Diaconescu explains why he likes these six elegant WordPress themes from ThemeForest, an online marketplace for buying and selling templates and themes for WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, Flash, HTML and other environments.

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