Monday, August 22, 2005

The Most Important News Sources for Marketers

Marketing professionals, particularly those focused on online or Web marketing, depend on the latest news from a wide variety of sources to help them stay current on their craft. While there are obviously some excellent news sites available (such as MarketingVOX, ClickZ and BtoBonline), it's impractical to visit all of them and way too time-consuming to sift through all of the articles that don't matter in order to find the ones that do.

But now you can get all of the pertinent content, from literally thousands of online sources, in one place: the new Web Marketing News and E-Commerce News pages on I try to avoid being too self-referential here but I'm really excited about these new feeds and I think -- and hope -- that you will find them useful. The feeds are powered by Web content provider Moreover Technologies. Moreover pulls literally tens of thousands of articles from more than 10,000 online sources, categorizes them, and delivers news feeds on specific and/or custom topics in near-realtime.

There are several Web content providers listed in the WebMarketCentral directory; each has its own strengths and limitations, and specific applications for which it is the best fit. Moreover is generally considered the leader in current awareness solutions.

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