Friday, September 09, 2005

New Blog Friends for WMC

Marketing is about relationships. And one of my favorite aspects of blogging is "meeting" new people across the marketing blog space. Over the last couple of weeks I've had the pleasure of exchanging emails with several prominent bloggers, all of whom have made me smarter.

David Wolfe at Ageless Marketing
Many bloggers provide tips, which are very helpful. David, however, provides something even more valuable – wisdom. David shares a lifetime of experience on topics such as branding, consumer advertising and earning customer trust.

Sarah Eaton at BeTuitive
Both Sarah and her blog are delightful. Her specialties are email marketing and uncommon observations. A highly useful feature of her blog is the topical category listing.

John Moore at Brand Autopsy
A brilliant, visual and wide-ranging blog on branding. Highly recommended for anyone interested entertaining commentary on consumer and business branding, from a brilliant and eclectic mind.

Michael Smock at Maneuver Marketing Communique
There are marketers who are effervescent, artsy and hyper-creative – and then there’s Michael Smock. Not content to cuddle customers, he concentrates on crushing competition (don’t tell ME I can’t alliterate). He blasts bad marketing. He uses war metaphors and predator imagery. As I am currently working on a Blue Ocean consulting project, I found his commentary on the book particularly compelling.

Ankesh Kothari at Marketing eYe
A remarkable blog which ranges from big thoughts (life, philanthropy) to simple yet effective marketing ideas. I like his suggestions so much that I borrowed a couple for the Best Practices in Blog Marketing page on web marketing portal WebMarketCentral.

Harry Joiner at Marketing Headhunter
An executive recruiter in the marketing arena (explains the blog title), Harry expounds on topics like key marketing skills, people moves, and new opportunities. He’s smart, direct, and well worth the read.

Laura Ries at the Origin of Brands Blog
Co-author with her father, Al, of popular marketing books such as The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR and The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding (my personal favorite), Laura brings the same intelligence, sensibility and fluent style to her blog. This is an entertaining must-read for anyone in consumer/retail marketing.

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