Monday, February 20, 2006

Want To Make Business Boom? Write A Book!

If you've ever thought about writing a book and wondered if the effort would be worthwhile, a new study suggests the answer is a strong "yes." Mike Schultz of interviewed 200 authors of business books to find out how they did it and how it impacted their ability to do business. RainToday offers articles, case studies, and research designed to help service business rainmakers and marketers work more effectively.

The results:

- 53% of authors reported a "strong" or "very strong" influence on their ability to charge higher fees

- 76% indicated publishing a book had at least some influence on their ability to close deals

- 83% reported at least some improvement on business with current clients as a result of publishing a book

In short, consultants and agency execs seem to agree that publishing a book helps them to be seen as gurus whose services are in demand. Mike has published his findings in a report for those who are interested in learning more about how publishing impacted the authors, how to go about getting a business book published, and how to market it effectively.

A few more statistics from the report:

Management consulting, marketing, and training were the most common book subjects, collectively accounting for more than half of the 590 books published by these 200 authors. IT consulting followed with 11% of the total.

63% of authors said that publishing a book had a "strong influence" or "very strong influence" on their ability to generate new clients.

The three most effective methods of marketing were internet marketing, trade media coverage, and direct marketing to existing clients.

Go ahead, unleash your inner author. It's worked for my friends Yvonne DiVita and Jay Lipe -- it may also be a path to greater success for your business.


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