Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Web Marketing News Headlines

Granted, this is a lazy way to post, but if you haven't checked them out, the Web Marketing News and E-Commerce News pages on WebMarketCentral are a great way to keep up with what's happening. Here are a few of the headlines you may have missed if you haven't visited those pages lately (or grabbed the RSS feeds from them): Reportedly Considering Ad Network
Information Week 8 Feb 2006 is reportedly looking for beta testers for a possible contextual advertising network that would place third-party links to products on the online retailer's partner Web sites...

SMB community targeted by spam
Computer Weekly 8 Feb 2006
Spammers are hitting SMBs harder than larger companies, according to the annual report by Postini, a provider of integrated message management products. The report suggests that SMBs were sent nearly 50 spam emails per day per user in 2005, almost four times the number that large companies were sent daily...

Anti-spam initiative
Computer Crime Research Center 8 Feb 2006
Maybe this is where it starts to change. Two of the world's largest e-mail providers, America Online Inc. and Yahoo Inc., have said that they will soon start giving companies the option to pay for guaranteed delivery of e-mails to the inboxes of their subscribers...

E-Mail Marketing Best Practices
E-Commerce Times 8 Feb 2006
Producing consistent, predictable results at the push of a button is the dream of every marketer, but can only be accomplished by following some simple rules. Although an important step forward, the CAN-SPAM act only provides a legal platform for e-mail marketing...


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