Saturday, June 17, 2006

Generating Relevant Links

Ralph Wilson at Web Marketing Today recently released his updated Web Marketing Checklist: 32 Ways to Promote Your Website. It's a relatively quick read and may spark some new ideas about site promotion, although most of the search optimization information presented is covered in Search Engine Optimization Basics.

One idea I grabbed from there was improving search engine positioning by exchanging links through the SiteSell Value Exchange. This is a free service that allows you to contact the Webmasters at other sites with content similar to yours and exchange links. It avoids the problems of automated linking solutions that don't generated links from relevant sites and (mostly) avoids spam by providing your site information only to those with related content. Granted, some of the sites included there are somewhat spammy themselves, but you have ultimate control over which links to accept and which to reject.

Another service to consider is MegaWeb Promotion (the site is more professional than the name implies). For $60, they promise targeted traffic. Though skepticism is warranted, for that price it may be worth a try.

Then there is the matter of search engine optimization -- not just sprinkling keywords across the pages of your site, but using the keywords that potential visitors are most often searching for. This is easy if you're doing any paid search advertising, for example, using Google Adwords' keyword generator. Suppose you help companies produce podcasts, as Albert Maruggi at Provident Partners does. Using the Google tool, you could quickly discern that "podcast help," "podcast guide," and "podcast tutorial" are all frequently searched terms. "Podcast FAQ" will generate fewer results, and "podcast tips" is rarely used.


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