Saturday, June 24, 2006

Want to generate business? Write a book. (Part 2)

Mike Schultz, a principal at the Wellesley Hills Group, and his team of professional services marketing experts at have released a follow-up report to The Business Impact of Writing a Book, published earlier this year. Their new report, The Ultimate Guide to Publishing and Marketing a Business Book, lives up its name.

The new report not only revisits the research findings presented in their earlier report -- how writing a successful business book positively impacts both business volume and fees -- but provides step-by-step instructions on how to publish and market your book.

Topics covered include:

- How to research and approach literary agents
- How to write a proposal and pitch your book
- Tips to make the writing process easier
- How to market your book (through PR, book tours, speaking opportunities, and the Internet)
- Interviews with a number of publishing professionals

At $180, the report is a bargain if you are serious about writing a business book to promote yourself and your business. This report will pay for itself many times over in the time and aggravation it will save you.

Who knows -- maybe having this report back in 2001 would have saved me from my own ill-fated marketing book adventure (long story).


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