Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Blog Tools and Stuff

If (like me) you've chosen Blogger as your platform for online disquisition, you've noticed that it's fast and reasonably intuitive, but lacks a few basic functions. The folks at Quick Online Tips have rectified that with Free Essential Tools for Bloggers, an excellent list of add-ons that expand the capability of the platform.

The list goes well beyond the common tools such as Pingoat and Technorati (well known and also covered in Best Practices in Blog Marketing) to include traffic-generating and tracking tools, as well as mobile blogging. Definitely a post worth bookmarking and coming back to.

That's the tools. As for the stuff, Larry Bodine has written an interesting piece over at RainToday titled It's Not Too Late To Start Blogging - But It Will Be Soon. (Yes, Brian Carroll beat me to this; when does he sleep?!) Registration is required to read the full article, but it's free.

Larry provides seven great reasons to blog, most of which are covered in Why Write a Blog for Business, but includes the timely advice: "If you fail to set up a blog on your special topic, someone else will claim it before you do." He also provides a number of tips for producing a successful blog.

That's all I will say, lest I violate Larry's tip #3: "Keep it short."


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