Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Best of the New Marketing Books

Three outstanding new marketing books have been added to the Top Marketing Books page on WebMarketCentral.com, the Internet Web site marketing portal.

First, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale by Brian Carroll presents a strategic approach to generating profitable leads. Brian's book outlines a proven approach to generating qualified leads for complex sales, which frequently involve pre-sales engineers, subject matter experts (SMEs), and even corporate executives, as well as traditional sales professionals. The complex sale -- which combines elements of consultative, competitive, and team selling -- is now the norm for business-to-business sales. Brian's book shows how to identify your best leads and target sales approaches; align sales and marketing to optimize both the number and quality of leads; build strong sales pipelines; and use multiple lead-generation vehicles, including email, PR, referrals, blogs, and speaking opportunities.

Second, Waiting for Your Cat to Bark? : Persuading Customers When They Ignore Marketing by Bryan Eisenberg, Jeffrey Eisenberg, and Lisa T. Davis, makes the obvious observation that one message no longer fits every audience, but presents this in concise, entertaining, and highly readable chapters. The Eisenberg brothers and their co-author create "personas" representing broad consumer types, identified as "methodical," "spontaneous," "humanistic" and "competitive" shoppers. They then provide marketing scenarios guiding each type to the point of sale. Increasing media fragmentation makes traditional mass market advertising obsolete (an idea noted here previously). People aren't "markets," they're individuals. And in the age of Tivo and a billion Web sites, useful information has far more power than anything viewed as marketing fluff.

Finally, Blogwild! : A Guide for Small Business Blogging, by Andy Wibbels, describes the increasing popularity of and rationale behine business blogging, and provides a guide to creating a profitable business blog. Wibbels shows how blogs can help, in an informal and friendly way, to promote your business and create buzz, reach new customers, put a human face on your company, and influence industry media.


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