Tuesday, August 29, 2006

ingage: Newsletter Marketing with a Twist

Check out this newsletter from marketing agency ingage (yes, with a small "i"). The articles cover marketing in the information age, marketing accountability, and leveraging offline marketing efforts to drive targeted online traffic.

Interesting enough, but what sets this publication apart from every other marketing newsletter is that ingage has used its own interactive publishing tool to produce it. This tool produces interactive documents that look and act like printed publications, with page-flipping and multiple methods of navigation. While there are other tools on the market that do this, ingage has the only one that, when used to publish on a CD, lets you track response and interest, and update content on the fly.

The ingage tool is great for direct marketing (providing measurable ROI) and publications, and really shines for interactive catalog production. Compared to print, the ingage toolset provides greater capabilities (such as inclusion of video, audio, animation, and Web links), longer shelf life (thanks to its content updating capabilities), increased response, and the measurability of the Web -- all at a cost that's comparable or even lower.

Pretty darn cool.


Terms: interactive CD marketing, interactive catalogs, email marketing, ingage interactive

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