Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Podcasting Beyond Marketing Sherpa

Marketing Sherpa yesterday published a podcasting 101 guide, which began: "Podcasting is about to celebrate its second birthday and we don't know of a marketer out there who isn't at least mulling over the possibilities. Here's our handy guide, including: Surprising data on listener demographics; 3 Mistakes to avoid; 5 Rules for podcast content; 4 Tips to create commercials that get results." I daresn't say any more or I'll get a nasty note from Anne Holland. Access to the Sherpa article is free through Friday September 1, but will cost you a few bucks after that.

I'm not a podcasting expert, nor do I play one on TV, but I do know one (a podcasting expert, not a TV): Albert Maruggi at Provident Partners. Shortly after the Sherpa piece came out, Albert supplemented it with podcasting 102. If you found Marketing Sherpa's podcasting guide of interest, check out the sequel from Albert. As far as I know, his podcast on podcasting will remain free.


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