Monday, October 09, 2006

More Lessons from the Guru of Podcasting

I needed one paragraph on podcasting for a longer article I was working on for a marketing publication. Being that I know as much about podcasting as Wal-Mart knows about high fashion, I called on Albert Maruggi, head of marketing and PR agency Provident Partners, and increasingly famous podcasting guru. Here's a bit of his wisdom:

- Podcasts don't have to be short, despite what some people will tell you. Although they can be used as short "teasers" to get people to ask for more information, they can also be used effectively for longer format presentations such as multi-participant roundtable expert panel discussions or audio white papers.

- The name "podcast" is a misnomer - they should be called "netcasts," as many executives choose to listen to them at their desks. They don't have to be downloaded to an iPod or other MP3 player.

- That said, the podcasting format does give your content wings by freeing the listener from their computer. Once downloaded to an MP3 player, a podcast can be listened to on a plane, in a car, while working out -- virtually anywhere. Portability lets podcasts break through the clutter of other online marketing formats.

- Webinars combine audio with visuals and interaction for great impact -- but they tie the audience to their computers. If the content of your webinar isn't visually demanding, consider re-purposing the audio portion of the recorded webinar as a podcast to increase your reach.

- Although there a number of software applications and web services available that enable you to produce podcasts on your own, using an expert podcasting service provider will improve the "listenability" of your podcast by editing out the annoying "ums" and pauses, and assure that your podcast is promoted effectively.


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