Monday, January 29, 2007

Top Internet Advertising Networks

Although Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing remain the gorillas of online advertising, there are a considerable number of alternatives for generating exposure and clicks. Here the top Internet ad network alternatives:

Serves up mini-malls and guided shopping services through a large network (10,000+) of websites and blogs. Strictly B2C.

Runs text ads, banners and interstitials on an extensive network (16,000+ sites) of publishing partners. Also B2C-focused.
Search, behavioral, and database marketing services for online advertisers. Now owned by AOL.

24/7 RealMedia
Web advertising and search marketing through a diverse network of consumer, business and media sites. Primarily B2C, but can provide brand exposure for broad-market B2B advertisers as well.

Burst Media
Ad networks with thousands of content sites that enables advertisers to target audiences based on content, behavior, demographics, geography, and time of day. Primarily B2C.

Commission Junction
Affiliate marketing and managed search advertising for B2C retailers. Owned by ValueClick.

Runs search ads on a network of search engines such as CNET's, Mamma, WebCrawler and Dogpile. Suitable for B2C or B2B advertisers.

Online advertising and search marketing programs specifically for B2C e-commerce retailers.


Provides online display advertising, video, lead generation, serach engine marketing and e-mail marketing solutions for B2C or B2B advertisers.

You can find a more extensive list of online ad networks, brokers and software on the Internet website marketing strategy portal here, and an even more comprehensive list of online ad networks from eConsultant here.


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