Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Two Online B2C Campaigns Worth Checking Out

B2B technology companies generate leads and revenue through smart online marketing by promoting thought-leadership content. Examples include Kinetic Data's Glossary of Business Service Management Terms, Astrocom's explanation of why redundant Internet access is important and how it works, and real customer stories from unified voicemail and PBX-VoIP integrator Unimax.

Some B2B marketing efforts are highly inventive, such as the Superhero campaign executed for outsourced supply chain services vendor Zomax by KC Associates. But B2B IT marketing is generally a very practical and highly budget-conscious business. B2C marketing is simply a different world. Here are two examples of the kind of "wow" campaigns that can be produced when money is apparently no object.

First, Mercedes has produced one of the most incredibly creative websites ever (this can be a tad slow loading but it's worth it). The site was produced by Agency Republic in London, recently named Marketing's Digital Agency of the Year. Their own site is surprisingly bland (a "shoemaker's children" kind of thing perhaps?); a bit of geek insight as to how they produced the Mercedes site would have been fascinating. You can view other samples of their online marketing work here.

Second, VEX, a Canadian maker of hard lemonade and similar adult beverages, has produced an online campaign for its new strawberry-orange-banana flavor which spoofs schlocky horror films at Sliced, the Movie (note: use IE as the site doesn't load properly in Firefox). In this mock movie trailer, a group of fruits—strawberries, bananas, lemons, kiwis—head off to remote country house for a farewell to summer get-together. But as night falls and the power mysteriously fails, they head to the basement to look for a breaker, and...some gruesome slicing, dicing, blending and other horrible fates ensue. The campaign, produced by GJP Advertising in Toronto, also features banner ads running on several highly-trafficked Canadian sites, with lines such as "When a killer comes will you run...when you don't have legs?" and "More horrifying than Hostel. More chilling than Saw. More disturbing than Britney."

The VEX campaign may have been inspired by Scary Mary, which has be among the most clever recut movie trailers ever. You'll never look at Mary Poppins the same way again.


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