Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Seven More Essential SEO Tools

Optimizing your website for organic search is a matter of doing the right things, and doing those things right. Utilize SEO best practices, and use free online tools to track and improve your results. Here are a handful of tools that can help analyze and improve your efforts on both counts.

First, you need to know how well you site ranks today across your list of key search phrases on the most popular search engines. Two tools that automate this process are:

Search Engine Rankings from Mike's Marketing Tools

Search Engine Keyword Position from SEO Tools

To optimize your rankings, your most important keywords should have a density in the range of 3-5%. To check keyword density, use this tool:

Keyword Cloud from SEO Tools

Page content is the single most important determinant of your search engine rank, but crafting proper meta tags is also critical. Meta tags aren't difficult to write for anyone with a basic knowledge of HTML, but you use an automated tool to create them such as:

Meta Tag Generator from AnyBrowser.com

To check and optimize your meta tags for length and relevance, try this tool:

Meta Tag Analyzer from Widexl

All of the tools above assist with internal SEO, but external efforts—generating relevant external links to your site—is crucial as well. This tool tells you how many external links to your website have been detected by each of the major search engines:

Link Popularity Tool from SEO Tools

Finally, my favorite overarching, tie-it-all-together in one SEO analysis tool:

SEO Analysis Tool from SEO Workers

These seven tools will go a long way toward maximizing your SEO efforts. Looking for more? Knock yourself out trying the 51 SEM tools outlined in Essential Tools for the Search Engine Marketer from MediaPost. Though focused on tools to assist with online advertising campaigns, some of the tools on this list are also quite helpful with SEO efforts.


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