Friday, February 08, 2008

New White Paper on B2B Lead Nurturing

Marketing automation provider Marketo has just released Blind Date to White Wedding: Best Practices for Lead Nurturing that creates B2B relationships, builds trust and increases sales, a white paper on B2B lead nurturing.

Using the analogy of dating, the white paper walks readers through the five stages of a B2B sales relationship, including:

  • The Introduction (prospect targeting, brand building, thought leadership and social media);

  • The First Date (videos, demos and case studies);

  • Dating (webinars, references, personalized email messages);

  • The Proposal (personalized phone and email follow-up, ROI analysis); and finally

  • The Wedding ("The Deal. The Close. The Win.").

The white paper also details some of the tools used throughout the lead nurturing process, such as automated email responders and customized landing pages.

If your role involves nurturing B2B sales leads from the interest stage through to the final sale, download this free white paper for ideas on how to make your B2B lead refinement and nurturing process more effective.


Contact Tom Pick: tomATwebmarketcentralDOTcom

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