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How to Avoid Bad SEO: My SEOmoz 15 Minutes of Fame

SEO-MozI had the honor of having a guest post on how to avoid bad SEO consultants published on YOUmoz last week. Based on my own experience, and citing the work of lots of smart SEO experts, the post provides advice on how to spot SEO spammers and scammers, as well as how to find an effective, reputable firm to provide SEO services.

The final post looks a bit link-heavy as it was edited down quite a bit. Still, overall, I think the edits made by the SEOmoz team improved the post (I tend to get a bit wordy sometimes).

The post didn't generate quite as much traffic to this blog as I thought it would. I'm not sure if that was because:
  • SEOmoz doesn't get as much traffic as one would expect;
  • SEOmoz readers don't often click on links within posts; or
  • my post just wasn't interesting (but I got all thumbs-up and generally positive comments, so don't think this is the case).
Regardless, it was an honor and I hope you have a chance to check out the post.


Mike Bannan :


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