Thursday, June 04, 2009

Video Conferencing Etiquette Tips from ooVoo

As new technologies evolve, so do the etiquette standards of accepted behavior associated with them. Ever gotten an email in ALL CAPS, from someone not realizing they were virtually shouting? What about talking loudly on cell phones in a quiet train car or other public place? Today these seem like obvious etiquette missteps (well, to most people anyway) but early on, when people were learning the rules, they weren’t as apparent.

As video conferencing becomes commonplace, video calling provider ooVoo wants people to get the best possible experience and outcome.

While you may be able to get away with no pants, please DON’T remove articles of clothing while on a video conference. It happens—check out this clip of a woman removing her bra while on a business conference call (don't worry, it's safe for the office):

While I've never personally seen anything quite like this, I was on a video conference call once where a guy was reading and forwarding email jokes while the call was in progress. No kidding. Quite embarrassing.

To save us all, ooVoo turned to the etiquette experts at Beverly Hills Manners to help develop tips to optimize the outcome of video chat and video conferencing. Among their tips:
  • Pick a facilitator to help manage any over-exuberant participants.

  • Ask permission if you wish to record a video chat. Privacy is expected until consent is given otherwise.

  • Pay attention and listen – if you try to fake it, you’ll be caught.

  • Acknowledge the power of your body language – avoid personal gestures such as hair playing, scratching, picking, etc…

  • Don’t eat or drink during a business video conference call.
You can find more of ooVoo’s video conferencing etiquette tips online here.


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