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Random but Interesting Sights To Find Your Dream Job

Looking for the best career search websites? Online tools to help you check out that prospective employee, new next-door neighbor or potentially significant other? Specialty search engines? The story behind LOLcats? Resources to improve your Internet marketing skills? Find music online? Record and promote podcasts?

Find the answers to these random and unrelated questions and more in this set of valuable but difficult-to-classify posts from the last year.

Help wanted. Desperately. by Reflections of a Newsosaur

In a great post about online career resources, Alan Mutter traces the decline of the newspaper industry to the fall in help-wanted classified advertising. Mutter contends that newspapers once virtually owned the business of connecting employers with job-seekers, but, failing to sense the shift happening around them, have conceded billions of dollars in classified ad revenues, first to sites like CareerBuilderMonster, and more recently to SimplyHired, and Oodle.

New Sites Make It Easier To Spy on Your Friends by The Wall Street Journal

Though the tone is a bit overly dramatic, Vauhini Vara makes some good points here about how you can use sites like Google Maps and Spokeo to learn things about others they may not want you to know—and how to protect yourself from the same behavior. Most of this is common sense (or at least should be): be careful about what you post on sites like your Amazon Wish List and Flickr, and don't ever give a social media site access to your email address book.

10 Rules for Setting Your Internet Marketing Budget by Conversation Marketing

In yet another of his many remarkable posts, Ian Lurie provides practical responses to the "It costs WHAT?!" question, such as: "If you expect to get a #1 ranking on Google for $99, you're insane;" "Reliable hosting costs more than $9.95 a month;" and my favorite: "If you're spending $250,000 to build your product and get it to market, don't tell me you can't spend $15,000 to give it a decent web site, unless you want to watch my eyes bug out like I've been suddenly depressurized."

The Big List Of Major B2B Search Engines by Search Engine Land

The resourceful Galen DeYoung notes here that while "most search marketers focus on Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft...B2B search marketers also have a growing number of vertical search options." While these search engines / portals / directories have much lower traffic than the big three, that traffic is much more focused. Galen reviews a number of sites that can provide both direct traffic as well as being valuable for B2B SEO links, such as Alibaba.

The new fame: Internet celebrity by CNN

Reporting from last year's ROFLCon, an event devoted to Internet culture, Anne Hammock describes how the web has changed the possibilities for, and very definition of, fame. The conference, described as " the biggest gathering of micro-celebrities ever," brought together such niche luminaries as "World of Warcraft character Leeroy Jenkins (born Ben Shultz)...Kyle MacDonald, who gained international attention for an online chronicle of his adventures starting with one red paper clip and trading, one item at a time, up to a home in Saskatchewan, Canada" and some of the people behind LOLcats.

Finding Google custom search engines by Phil Bradley's weblog

Phil Bradley shows how to find Google custom search engines, created through Google's Custom Search Engine program, which "allows expert human editors to enhance the results (of standard Google searches). For example, custom search engines can be built that provide different information to patients searching for diagnosis and treatment information about a particular illness than for doctors seeking out the latest clinical and scientific research on the same malady.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Podcasting by Search for Blogging

Mert Erkal delivers just what this post's title promises. If you're a podcasting pro, you can safely skip this one. But those just getting started with online audio will find a great list of helpful resources here, from free podcasting software (Audacity) to guides and tutorials on podcast production, as well as several links to worthy example podcasts.

16 Free Search Engines For Finding Music Online – Start Listening Now! by AddictiveTips

There's no need to limit yourself to iTunes. This article reviews free search engines for finding and listening to music online, from the popular to less-known sites like, BeeMP3, Spotify and Internet jukebox Songza.

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