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6 Search Engine Optimization Lies Your Business Should be Aware of

SEO Lies to be Aware of

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the process of increasing the visibility of a web site in search engine’s results pages. SEO affects the website directly; the better the visibility, the more the number of clicks and the higher the chances to increase your bottom line.

Search Engine Optimization should be a top priority for any company that wants to improve their website's search engine rankings. You should consider hiring a company or a consultant to help you with SEO. There are, however, a few points that you should consider before you hire someone.

Many businesses fall into the trap of being promised the moon. In the process, they commit to the wrong company because they aren’t sure of what’s possible and what isn’t. Here are some “lies” SEO companies will tell you.

1.Secret SEO strategy: From the outset the company you hire should have clear goals in mind and a strategy that will get you there. You can’t trust strategies shrouded in mystery and in today’s world, nothing is hidden.

No matter what agency you go with, they are bound to look at your competitor’s strategy and find gaps in them. Then find ways to outdo it so that your website ranks over them. So, if the agency you’re talking to says their SEO strategy is a secret you should give them a pass.

2. Guaranteed Results: If an agency is promising you quick results and guarantees, it’s better to stay away. It takes time and consistent effort to move up the rankings on google. No one can guarantee results and the time frame they can deliver it.

You’re working hard every day to build a business you’re proud of. Don’t let anyone ruin it by using unethical practices and promising you the stars. Genuine digital marketing firms will work according to best practices and make sure to follow the rules to get more traffic to your website.

3. Fake Reference List:  Many SEO firms will display names of impressive clients they have worked with. Most companies know that their prospective clients will be blown away with a tall reference list, and will never want to talk to them.
Make sure you ask for contact information about the clients and talk with them. This will ascertain the quality of work and give you peace of mind.

4. They know the Algorithm: If someone’s still using that line, they probably should be banned from the SEO world. Even a newbie knows Google is constantly changing their algorithm, almost daily. No one, but the team of engineers at google know the algorithm. They are a bunch of highly paid and very intelligent individuals.

If someone has access to the algorithm, they should be selling it for millions of dollars than try to help you get better rankings, no?

5. You Should Only Rely on Organic Traffic: This is not potentially harmful, but will significantly handicap you. If you have a business that sells products or services online, you could see a boost in traffic with paid ads. And if done correctly it could make your website popular quickly.

On the other hand relying just on paid traffic is going to burn your money very quickly. Your agency should find a balance between both kinds of traffic to help your website rankings.

6. Backlinks matter and we will get you lots of them: There’s a partial truth in that piece of advice. Backlinks do matter, but the source matters too, so does relevancy. Getting a bunch of backlinks from spam sites on your legal website can do more damage than good for your search engine rankings.

Verify what methods are being used to get backlinks, is it blogger outreach, directory listings or link exchange.

Keeping these points in mind will make sure you’re not being taken for a ride by your SEO agency.

At Results Driven Marketing, LLC, , we've been helping our customers increase qualified traffic to their websites. Essentially turning clicks into clients. If you're looking to be found by more people who are looking for your services give us a call at 215-393-8700 to find out how we can help.


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