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7 Effective Ways To Catch Grab Attention Through Content Marketing

The loudest seller gets the customer. NOT anymore!

Gone are the days of aggressive marketing, grand claims, and shallow tactics. In today’s market, the loyalty of the customer is not static, the attention span is limited, and options are numerous. Thus, to attain visibility in the market, the big banners making grandiose claims are of limited help.

New age marketers need to evolve with the taste and mannerism of the millennial generation; the generation that spends hours on social media platforms, that seeks answers on Google and Quora, and those who work on multiple window screens at the same time.

 In its recent iOS update, Apple brought drag-and-drop functionality that enables users to multitask using multi-finger gestures. Users can simply drag items between on-screen apps, use multitasking view to move to different apps, etc. With such a feature update, Apple is clearly trying to catch the attention of the multitasking users.

Just as product and services are revolutionizing to cater to the multitasking age, so are the methods to advertise those. The new age marketers are looking beyond the conventional concept of paid advertising, trying to optimize on content marketing.

Content marketing refers to the digital marketing or internet marketing that aims to develop an interest in the products and services of a brand through creation and sharing of content like blogs, videos, pictures, and posts that potential customers may find intriguing and informative.

Content marketing for multitasking age

Below are the 7 points you must know about content marketing

1)         Zero cost investment– Unlike paid advertising, content marketing doesn’t incur any monetary burden on a brand. Any business can work towards creating value for its target group through quality content, gaining the trust and building relationship with its customer base. Later, the good word can help the brand increase its market share.

2)         Content creation ideas – To interest your target group with the right content, you must know what your potential customers are looking for. Thus to choose the right topics to create content, you can take help of features like Google’s Autocomplete which complete your sentences, showing you some commonly searched items in the search suggestion box.

3)         Responsiveness – Maintaining an active online presence can drive traffic to your website from multiple channels. For example, you can answer your business related queries on the Facebook page, Quora and yahoo answers. Quality of your answer may produce interest in your website to explore more, getting more impressions on your web pages.

4)         Relevant content – While paid advertisements like banner ads can drive visitors to your website, the relevance of the content decides whether the users get hooked on your website and explore further or they simply drop out. Thus, the content you serve must be in line with the expectations and requirements of the users.

5)         Use different channels – With so many screens, channels, and gadgets, the multitasking age is easily distracted and thus, you need to make sure that you are present across different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The omnipresence of the brand ensures that the potential customers don’t miss out any information, and your brand is present on every platform your potential customers are.

6)         Use different mediums – It’s important for a brand to understand that not all potential customers can be attracted via one medium of content. Some people like to absorb information through blogs; others may prefer to watch a video on YouTube or listen to a podcast. Thus, the best brand strategy for a brand is to share its content into different formats such as text, audio, video, graphics, etc. It also helps in mixing things up as no one likes to consume the same format all the time.

7)         SEO marketing- When people search for some information, they usually click on the top links on the result page of a search engine. Thus, the higher a website ranking in the result lists, the greater is its likelihood to be visited. SEO (search engine optimization) is a technique that drives traffic to a website by improving its ranking.

In short, the best brand strategy for any business today is not to rely on expensive advertisements but to grow organically, focusing on the long-term value creation for the brand.

The multitasking generation has a relatively short attention span, and capturing it is challenging.

The digital marketing world is ever changing. At Results Driven Marketing, we implement marketing strategies to ensure that your digital marketing campaigns are “Turning Clicks Into Clients”, and catching the eyes of those in the multitasking generation. To learn more about how we can assist with your marketing efforts or to learn about our other services, contact us today at (215)-393-8700.


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