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The 4 Pillars of Performance for Digital Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns are not the same as they used to be over a decade ago. Capturing the attention of the audience in 2017 is different because the consumers hold a remarkable control over the subject they see in the media. Internet streaming services and media recording ensure that the consumers do not have to sit through advertisement commercials, which makes more companies try out new modes of marketing.

Think back about the last digital marketing campaign that blew your mind. The very fact that you remembered this campaign is saying something, because of how many advertisement campaigns come out in a day. While one will not be able to pinpoint at the exact reason for the success of the campaign in most cases, one of the reasons for the success is almost always because they structured their campaign around the four pillars of digital marketing. Incorporating these pillars into planning your campaign will improve your success rate.

1. Audience: Always know who your audience is! If you do not know your target market, you are going to struggle through the campaign. Ideally, your campaign should be involved in drawing the audience from a cross-section of channels. However, this is always a hit or miss. Focusing on a particular group of audience is like hitting the bullseye. Involve your sales and marketing team to build an exhaustive profile of the target audience replete with their background, jobs, and goals so that you can design a successful campaign.
Once you know who your audience is, you have to get them to see the message. Viewability is a pivotal measure of success for a campaign, therefore, it is also essential to know if the targeted audience is actually viewing the message.

2. Contextual relatability: Context is extremely important for any campaign. Consumers react to advertisements differently based on the context. For instance, a young technocrat who's known as a nerd at his work could be a rock musician who is on the lookout for a guitar challenge during his time away from work. When you are delivering your brands message, you will need to understand when your target audience is in his “nerd mode” and when is he in the “rockstar mode”. A campaign that could become a hit with him on a Saturday night, might not at other times. So, timing is another important key ingredient in your digital marketing campaign.

3. Creative pursuits: Creativity is the cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign.  While focusing hugely on other components, it is imperative that we do not forget the art that goes into marketing. A creative advertisement when done right is sure to stir the emotions of the viewer, and this helps in converting them into a consumer. An ad on TV reaches only a limited audience. However, a creative ad on digital media will definitely garner a greater number of views and shares, as more people are on social platforms than viewers who watch TV. If you were building a campaign for an ice cream brand, there is only so much someone would want to read about why ice cream is the best dessert. If you showed them with a video of little children enjoying the first taste of ice cream, it would bring back memories of childhood in them. The message should be in line with your digital strategy.

An advertisement is creativity with strategy, without strategy it's just art. Your campaign needs to find a delicate balance between the two.

4. Accountability: A great marketing campaign will not matter if you do not measure how it is performing. If you are planning to figure out the effectiveness or results based on the campaign objectives, accountability becomes crucial. Whether it is changing the perception about the brand, increasing sales, or building an awareness campaign for a new launch, you will have to clearly define your KPI (key performance indicators) and track them. KPIs could be anything from page views, to audience engagement.

Most marketers fail to measure KPIs. And most digital marketing campaigns fail due to the absence of campaign goals and KPIs, which are critical to measuring success. The data that is gain from measuring should be tweaked if the desired results are not met. Insights from this data can help strengthen the other three pillars of a digital marketing campaign.
The four pillars of performance for digital marketing campaign create a tenable loop. Learnings from one campaign help in the upcoming ones. These four pillars continue to be a guiding factor for marketers in boosting their brand's success.

Investing in a consultant to help you incorporate these 4 pillars into your digital marketing campaign could prove to be very beneficial. The team at Results Driven Marketing is qualified to provide such consulting for your business.

The digital marketing world is ever changing. At Results Driven Marketing, we implement marketing strategies to ensure that your digital marketing campaigns are “Turning Clicks Into Clients” as a result of proper strategy techniques. To learn more about how we can assist with your marketing efforts or to learn about our other services, contact us today at (215)-393-8700.


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