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Do You Like Inforgraphics?

One of the most important tools a business, no matter what size, can take advantage of today is an infographic! Some of you may be wondering why. It is the simple fact that people these days are stimulated by more creative concepts than ever, we are at the height of our creative existence with all of the cool different items out there that people consider art.

What better way to take advantage of this than to market your company or the services your company provides through the use of art! I know, this goes against some of the longest and most trusted business practices of deviating away from creativity and sticking to numbers and logic, but the higher level of creativity the population has advanced to, could be what sets your business apart from the rest if you can grab your potential clients in through the use of infographics!


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It’s Early in 2018 and AHREFS tops the marketing blunder list It’s only the first week in February and you are reading about the Metrics/Data supplier that has provided us with fodder by creating a huge marketing blunder, Ahrefs.

Ahrefs is world's biggest third-party database of search queries with refined monthly search volume and research metrics.  Their data is used by untold numbers of digital marketers across the world.  Arguably they are the industry leader in this type of data.  The only thing that they changed was how a tiny item in their metrics was being calculated. 
About a week prior to the effective date of the change, Ahrefs notified users that a change was coming to how they calculated a domain rating or DR.  They also stated that many sites would see their rankings drop.  I agree that a need for change was warranted.  What I don’t agree with how they calculated the change and its ramifications for roughly 75% of all websites.  

This past Friday evening around 11 P.…