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Get Ready for Some of the Most Interesting SEO Trends & Google Changes of 2018

So I am sure some of you are out there wondering what 2018 is going to bring for the world of Search Engine Optimization and if Google is going to have anything to do with it, right? Because I know I was wondering the same thing as soon as the clock struck 12 on New Year's Eve.

I recently read the coolest article on what the new year will bring for SEO and Google. Here is a spin on some of the most important concepts I took away from diving head first into this article:

1. Content Regulation
What does this mean? Basically no more fake news. Sorry to all those out there who enjoy reading the most ridiculous stories the supposedly happened about the killer clown that terrorized a whole town. This will be no more.

Thanks to the amazing and always changing algorithms that Google produces, Google will be able to detect  “non-authoritative information” and devalue it to the point of non-existence. *Clean your content up before Google does it for you*

2. A Mind Blowing Voice Search Statistic
1 in 5 mobile searches come from voice search already.... Meaning, the number are only going to grow at a crazy fast rate due to all of the production of Google Assistant- enabled devices.
Why is this number so important? Because voice search results usually get generated into featured snippets faster and more consistently than any other type of searches do.

As voice search grows, so will the number of featured snippets!

3. Give Credit Where Credit is Due
AI is starting to become more and more aware of the importance links have for businesses, no matter how big or small the size of the business. What does this mean for you? Start adding links every time you mention some any business just to be safe. You have a better chance of moving up on the search engine listings if you do so!


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