Thursday, November 16, 2006

How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Two words -- valuable content. As Mike Kaselnak, CEO of Hoard Client Systems wrote in response to my recent RainToday article How To Build Website Traffic With Content, "The days of trying to trick the search engines are over. Content is King!"

Actually, neither search engines nor people are fooled anymore by tricks with hidden text or metatags. What's more, human visitors expect more from business websites than just product details (marketing), "about us" pages, and a list of your office locations. People want to do business with companies that are smart and helpful, and they expect companies to not only say that on their websites, but prove it by offering content that helps users solve problems, or gives them a one-stop source for information they would otherwise have to scan several sites to retrieve.

What kind of content? Items such as newsfeeds, white papers, blogs, podcasts, reports, book reviews, glossaries, and (truly useful) directories are all generators of relevant website traffic. Such content is not only search engine-friendly, but also attractive and "sticky" to visitors. What's more, demonstrating your industry knowledge and helpfulness not only attracts site visitors but is also helpful in converting them to customers.

The full article with links to resources and related pages is also now available in the Web Marketing Knowledge section of WebMarketCentral as How to Build Site Traffic with Compelling Content. Useful and relevant content can help your site show up better in search engines, attract visitors, and help turn traffic into business.


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