Sunday, November 05, 2006

Want To Participate In A Survey? Lead Generation for Professional Services

The experts in professional services marketing at RainToday are conducting a survey among professional services firms regarding lead generation. All survey participants will receive a complimentary executive summary of the final report (due out around January), as well as 50% off the group's current research report, “How Clients Buy: The Benchmark Report on Professional Services Buying and Selling from the Client Perspective” in the RainToday store. Click here to participate in the study.

The current report addresses services selling challenges in a variety of vertical segments (e.g. accounting, legal services, information technology consulting, marketing) and answers questions such as:

- What can you do during the business development process that will have the most influence on the decision maker?
- Which methods are buyers most likely to use to identify professional service providers?
- Do buyers attend seminars, conferences, and webinars (and, if so, how do they find out about these events)?
- Do purchasers of professional services visit service provider websites? How influential are those websites in the purchasing process?

The new survey will supplement this research, and the executive report is free to participants. If you market or sell professional services, taking this survey is a quick, easy, and free way to gain some valuable insights.


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