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Here's Why Digital Marketing is the New Advertising in Today's World

Digital marketing is the new advertising

Advertising has always been an essential part of bringing in customers for any business. A major chunk of consumers now does their preliminary research online before making purchases. This makes it all the more important for businesses today to invest in digital marketing. Investing in internet marketing brings businesses closer to where consumers are spending their time.

The reach of traditional advertising mediums is dwindling down, as is evident from many such stalwarts of yesteryears like newspapers and magazines fighting tooth and nail to stay in business. The digital medium has many advantages like a wider reach, speed of delivery and precise reach which the traditional advertising forms have a hard time matching up with. Let’s take a look at the various reasons why businesses should embrace digital marketing for a better ROI.

Targeting: It’s no secret that you have to go where your customer is, and the fact is most consumer are now using the power of the internet to make their buying decisions. Traditional marketing channels like TV or Radio don’t give you the choice of targeting consumers with specific likes, or certain demographics. With channels like Facebook or Google, today’s businesses can decide on the age group, region, geographic location, time and many such minute details which makes digital advertising a very powerful tool.

Imagine being able to decide on where and how exactly your advertising dollars will be spent, rather than broadcasting it. It gives you a much tighter control and a better chance of customer conversion.

Multi-Channel: Today no one is confined to just their PCs. Majority of people use more than one mobile device, and that is a perfect opportunity for businesses to get in front of their consumers wherever they are browsing. Also, with attention spans decreasing, using the same content in all situations or devices isn’t very effective. Digital marketing agencies use creative means to present their content in various forms to draw in consumers both to educate them and help them make decisions.

You can use 6-second promotional videos that are now popular on YouTube and Facebook to spark curiosity in your prospective customers. You can then lead them to your website or a product page.

Quicker To Market: With various inbuilt tools in platforms like Facebook and Google, you can now create advertisement campaigns in a matter of minutes. This is a major advantage when you compare with the traditional approach of creating ads. From conceptualizing to buying media or space to actually rolling things out could mean a matter of months if not more.

Another advantage of the digital medium is being able to edit and repurpose content for various mediums without having to spend hours together or burning a hole in your pocket.

Measurable: Traditional advertising has always had a drawback of being able to accurately measure the ROI. An ad on primetime could mean a lot of advertising dollars for the medium in addition to the money spent on creating it. In contrast, digital marketing is very similar to mail order or direct marketing. You will know exactly what effect your advertising is having on consumers or people who are viewing it.

Most platforms now give businesses access to dashboards, where you can see how your ad campaign is performing. It gives you the power to tweak parameters almost instantly and gain insight into whether your modified ad is performing better or worse.

Advantage Of Retargeting: Consumers often browse through multiple products online while zeroing on what they want to buy. Often times, we forget to buy the product even after adding it to our cart. In a traditional setup, it’s next to impossible to reach out to consumers like these, because it’s difficult to know.

In the digital space, shopping cart abandonment is close to 70% according to a study. And it’s easy to reach out to the consumer and remind them of their forgotten purchase. Many platforms make intelligent use of your browsing history to suggest products when you’re browsing through social media platforms like Facebook. Google’s Adsense also suggests similar products that you might have been browsing for. This makes retargeting an effective part of a digital marketing strategy.

According to IAB, digital advertising revenues are increasing 23% year-on-year and has hit $19.6 billion in the first quarter of 2017. This increased spending clearly shows the potential of digital marketing as a medium that’s here to stay and bring in the best value for your money.

The digital marketing world is ever changing. At Results Driven Marketing, we implement SEO marketing strategies to ensure that your website and content are “Turning Clicks Into Clients” as a result of proper optimization. To learn more about how we can assist with your SEO marketing efforts or to learn about our other services, contact us today at (215)-393-8700.


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