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Results Driven Marketing RD-Metric Keyword Comparison Tool

BETA Testing of the "RD-Metric" For Keyword Comparison Is Closing

The phenomenal Pay per click advertising and SEO Keyword Analysis Tool has been in Beta since April 29, 2017 and the BETA Testing is closing soon. Test your own results

The scientists at Results Driven Marketing, LLC have been using the newest and best keyword comparison tool internally, looking to cure what is termed “KWRB”.  KWRB is officially known as the KeyWord Research Blues – aptly named to diagnose and treat the fear and paralyzation of choosing incorrect keywords.  

The RDM Scientists have been using the enhanced capabilities of the RD-Metric to splice long tail keywords, dissect them, and provide analyzation and grading of them one by one.  The new testing tool has been in use internally now for a few years.  Revisions, tweaks, and upgrades have been ongoing.  Fortunately for digital advertisers and marketers, you still have time to test it yourself.  Nationally renowned PPC experts, SEOs, and Bloggers have tested and made diagnoses using the tool, and now you should too.  The final test results will be reported including case studies and controlled data studies which are planned to have data supported by users.

The Results Driven Metric (RD-Metric) is designed to efficiently reduce keyword research times, allow a user to generate not only better-quality keywords, but individually score each keyword using tradecraft secret metric and algorithm.  It acts as a thermometer gauging the keyword temperatures.

The result for the user is better keywords that work faster and more efficiently. The result for the advertiser is lower cost keywords that bring in more clicks.  The result for the campaigns designer is that their work allows the Advertiser to benefit from Turning Clicks Into Clients® more efficiently.  The RD-Metric is the cure for choosing unhealthy or poorly performing keywords that are outrageously expensive, and that won’t help the advertiser gain business.  

Dr. Digital™, aka Stephen J. Myers, one of the foremost SEO practitioners' in the USA, specializes in working with advancing the use of Structured Data (SD) and correcting SD anomalies that live on the internet which reside in websites and poorly designed SD plug-ins.  He was instrumental in developing the RDM, a cure for improperly researched keywords.
According to DR. Digital, "Like other advanced metrics in the world of Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search, the Results Driven Metric is not a hard number. You want to keep in mind that it works best when comparing it directly to keywords in your overall theme. However, as we test this statistic further we've noticed that 100.00 is the turning point."  Myers went on to say that, "keywords with an RDM above 100.00 tend to be the ones worth considering as more effective alternatives to the one you started with, as the higher it goes past an RDM of 100, the more effective it is  Don’t worry about 98.6 only 100 or above is where you should focus."

“I personally speak with each Beta Tester, and I know the RD-Metric is enhancing the quality of life for PPC marketers, SEO’s and advertisers in general.”

“In my capacity as Doctor Digital®, I use various instruments and tools, searching for the end of KWRB.  Two of my favorite algorithmic diagnostic devices are AHREFs and MOZ.  After adding the RD-Metric to my black bag, I am confident that I can end the dreaded fear and paralysis that can be endured by marketers.”   

Want to talk about the RD-Metric, Structured Data, or any aspect of digital marketing?  Call Dr. Digital, Steve Myers, at 215-393-8700 or contact him at    


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