Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How to Write a Web Marketing Plan - Part 1

Many companies struggle to implement a comprehensive web marketing strategy. They may be running some Google and Yahoo search ads, but even for these programs, keywords, bids, ad content and landing pages are frequently not optimized.

Part of the reason is a shortage of practical models. That's now been partially remedied with the addition of a page on How to Develop a Web Marketing Plan on WebMarketCentral. This outline is loosely based on the Six Pillars of Internet Marketing blog. Although the Six Pillars model is one of the best available, it does have some shortcomings. For example, it fails to start with the most basic element of all: building an effective website. Also, affiliate marketing is overplayed (this is important in online retailing, but a small component of B2B web marketing strategy).

Helpfully, however, the Six Pillars model includes interactive PR as a key element; this is an important but challenging area for many PR agencies, let alone small to midsized companies. Only a handful seem to really get it, including Blueliner in New York (the folks behind the Six Pillars model), Racepoint (Boston and San Francisco), Kinetic Results (New York and Dallas), and KC Associates (Minneapolis). The TopRank SEO Blog has one of the best pieces written on this topic.

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