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New Blog, Old Tool

A couple of quick items:

First, Mike Schultz, co-founder of the Wellesley Hills Group and publisher of RainToday, is now writing his own blog. The Services Insider Blog is focused on marketing and selling professional services. Topics of recent posts include successful cold-calling, prospect targeting, lead generation, and the proper use of CRM systems. Services Insider is a cleanly structured, thoughtfully written, carefully researched must-read blog for anyone involved in professional services sales or marketing.

Second, GoogleFight is a tool mentioned here previously in my post on e-words vs. ewords. GoogleFight is a great tool for determining which of two terms is most commonly used in web writing. For example, I used it recently to check "dropshipping" vs. "drop-shipping" vs. "drop shipping" (the last variant is the most commonly used -- by a wide margin).

But my nine-year old became curious about the little stick men fighting on the screen as I did my GoogleFight search and wanted to try it himself. Turns out GoogleFight is not only an easy and practical tool to determine the popularity of terms for writing, but can also be an amusing time-waster, providing all manner of trivial and worthless data! For example, who gets more web mentions, Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader? (Darth Vader "wins" this fight.) Brittany Spears or Lindsay Lohan? (Not even close: Britanny, by a roughly 7 to 1 margin). Hillary Clinton or John McCain? (Hillary by about 9 to 5). Okay, Hillary Clinton or Anna Nicole Smith? (The late Anna Nicole, by more than 3 to 1; I don't even want to ponder what that says about our culture.)

Finally, Mike Schultz or Seth Godin? Seth wins -- but it's closer than you probably think.


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