Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Three Excellent Web 2.0 Resources

Looking for help with your Web 2.0 development and marketing efforts? Check out these valuable resources.

First, the helpful folks at the FontShop have assembled an extensive compilation of Web 2.0 typeface, logo, design and website examples. As they point out with regard to Web 2.0 design, "There is no official standard for what makes something 'Web 2.0', but there certainly are a few tell-tale signs...characteristic among these brands is their appearance. Web 2.0 sites nearly always feel open and friendly and often use small chunks of large type. The colors are bright and cheery — lots of blue, orange, and what we jokingly call the Official Color of Web 2.0: lime green." Many of the sites are also, not surprisingly, Web 2.0-related; blogging, tagging, photo sharing etc. They also link to Ludwig Gatzke's even larger Web 2.0 logo collection here.

Second is InfoPirate's Search Engine for Social Bookmark Services. This listing of 53 social bookmark sites (BlinkList, Digg, RawSugar, etc.) is among the most complete I've seen. Oddly, the list links aren't live -- a minor disappointment -- and somehow Reddit was missed, but this is a helpful collection nonetheless.

Third, with the era of "websafe colors" long over, graphic designers are able to make website colors exactly match styleguide specs. Color Schemer lets you enter RGB values and get the matching hex code (or vice versa) -- a very useful term when your designer has something more specific than "lime green" in mind.

Paul Dunay has put together an amusing list of the Top 10 Lame Excuses for Not Adopting Web 2.0. The resources above give you three good reasons not to need Paul's list.


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