Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Insight24 - YouTube for B2B Podcasts and Video?

Webcasting and rich media producer ON24 is beta testing a new portal / directory site for B2B webcasts, podcasts, corporate videos, and online demos called Insight24. With content in over 30 business and technology categories, Insight24 has been called "YouTube for B2B podcasts, webcasts etc." but the better analogy might be that it's KnowledgeStorm for online audio and video.

Insight24 allows companies to freely upload podcasts, corporate video and other rich media assets into a categorized, searchable directory. It enables businesses to leverage and increase the ROI of their rich media investments, and virtually any type of rich media, from any source (not just ON24 clients) can be uploaded. The site also provides an RSS feed to keep registered users up to date on newly added content.

Although Insight24 is likely to attract some viewers as a destination site, the real value to businesses that take advantage of this will be through exposure on syndication partner websites. That's where the KnowledgeStorm analogy comes in: as KnowledgeStorm provides value to businesses by syndicating white paper and case study content to its 250 or so content partners (including Computerworld, InfoWorld, Informati0nWeek and BusinessWeek), Insight24 will provide a similar service for online video, podcasts and webcast content. This is likely to be the revenue model as well, eventually charging content providers for leads (registrations) generated by the content.

It's an interesting model, and one likely to work well for ON24, provided they are able to lock in high-quality syndication partners. It won't turn the company into the next YouTube, but they may become the KnowledgeStorm, Bitpipe, TechTarget or TechRepublic of rich online media.


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