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Make Your SEO Value Better By Using Backlinks On Your Website

Make Your SEO Value Better By Using Backlinks On Your Website

Today, a business cannot exist if it is not online. Just having an online presence won’t help either because you will have to devise ways to market your business on the web. You should be implementing the best and trending SEO practices, to be a contender in the game.

Google keeps updating its algorithm and standards regarding Search engine optimization but one trend that has proven to be effective since a very long time is backlinking.

Backlinks and their importance

A URL or a hyperlink is a particular web address that points to a site. A backlink is one that connects or links to your site from an external site. For example, if you are featured on the New York Times’ website, and they include a link to your site, then readers on the site will click on the link which will bring them to yours.

So, the more the number of visitors on the New York Times site click on that link, the more will be visitors your site as well. This is how backlinks help boost traffic to your website.

You may have internal backlinks, but that is not going to be helpful in getting you new visitors, so you should have backlinks from other sites. But it shouldn't be from just any site but from popular and authoritative websites.

The term ‘web’ or ‘world wide web’ actually refers to the many sites and pages that are bound together by a series of links, symbolizing a web. That explains the importance of links on the internet. The backlinks also send a message to search engine spiders that there is more information out there.

When you put up a website, your aim is to be found by as many users as possible. You want more people to know about you, especially if you are a new entrant. One of the best ways to be found easily and quickly is via backlinks.

For example, your website is about teaching yoga, and a popular website has put up a link to a photograph or information on your website in its yoga article. A visitor on the site reaches your site by clicking on the link. This person may be interested in learning yoga and contacts you. See there? You have got a visitor as well as a student. That is the magic of backlinks.

Backlinks are also important for the ranking algorithm of search engines. High-quality links help in increase your search engine rankings. So, when a person searches for information using one of your targeted keywords, there is a high chance that your site will of being featured on the top.

At the same time, having backlinks anywhere and everywhere won’t help. The link needs to be relevant as well. It is important to have relevant anchor text on your link. For example, if your main keyword is ‘Learn yoga’, then the anchor text should have a phrase that includes your keyword such as ‘the benefits you get when you learn yoga’.

What you need to know about getting backlinks 

One way to ensure that you get backlinks is to publish well-researched, engaging, interesting and useful content. You should also try to promote your content on different platforms. Effective social media marketing can help you in marketing your content on social media.

Yet, this may not be enough. So you should try other means as well to get effective backlinks. Stay away from black hat strategies and never get paid backlinks.

You should try to get genuine backlinks from reputed sites. Also, do not try to get maximum backlinks in minimal time because that may seem too manipulative, and Google might flag your site.

A tip is to find the backlinks of your competitors and check if those sites can offer you links as well.

Another effective strategy is to find about unclaimed opportunities. That is, find those sites which have mentioned your content, site or articles on their blogs or websites but have not given a link to your site.

You can find those sites using Google Alert. You could then contact the site administrators and ask them if they would give you a backlink in exchange of a post or a resource for their visitors.

You can also get backlinks when you use different content marketing strategies such as guest posts on different sites or posting your content on social networking sites. Press releases are also helpful in getting relevant backlinks.

You should always try to find respectable sites or sources in the niche you are in. Like the earlier example, if your site is about teaching yoga, then you should find out respectable and popular health sites, yoga information websites, etc. You can then build relationship with them to get backlinks.

Building backlinks is a time-consuming process. As you incorporate various internet marketing strategies, you will find new opportunities to get backlinks.

At Results Driven Marketing, we've been helping our customers increase qualified traffic to their websites. Essentially turning clicks into clients. If you're looking to be found by more people who are looking for your services give us a call at 215-393-8700 to find out how we can help.


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