Monday, March 03, 2008

Best of 2007: Cool Online Tools

Here's a list of interesting and useful tools to help you convert files, find content, promote your blog, and add content to your website, among other activities.

File conversion tools

Still running Office 2003, but need to convert the new XML-based formats from Office 2007 so you can read and work with them? Zamzar offers a free online service to convert files with no need to download software. Microsoft also offers its own downloadable conversion utility, which I've found to be the easier option.

If you have more extensive file conversion requirements, such as the need to view AutoCad, Corel and other file types in addition to MS Office, Avantstar's Quick View Plus an inexpensive utility to automatically view email attachments and other files from more than 250 formats. A free trial of the software is available here.

My Search Engines

Blogger David Berkowitz provides an excellent list of specialized search engines to help monitor buzz, find content within blogs, research websites, and find images, video clips and people. This is a "must bookmark" post for anyone conducting online research.

TypePad Widget Gallery

An extensive list of widgets that can be added to TypePad blogs to help promote content through sites like Bloglines, Digg and, as well as add cool features, collect email signups, embed a chat box, monitor traffic, create online polls and more.


Ever hear a song on the radio and wish you could "tag" it to learn more about the artist or possibly even download the song later? Or hear an ad that's compelling but can't stop to write down the phone number? Nabbit is a simple, free online utility that lets you easily "tag" songs and ads from your favorite radio station using your cell phone, then get the details later from a personalized web page. Very cool.

SitePal: Avatars and Animated Characters

A hosted service that enables you to add speaking animated avatars to any website. The company offers a free trial, and you can see an interesting application of the tool on the American TESOL website.

Firefox Extensions That Make Me A Better Marketer

Blogger Mitch Joel of Twist Image provides his short list of favorite Fire Fox plugins for tasks such as checking site popularity, downloading video and tagging content on

10 Places to Find Free Images Online and Make Your Content More Linkable

Loren Baker at Search Engine Journal details sites where you can download images for use in blogs, websites and other applications, ranging from totally free to partially rights-protected.

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