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Know The Top 6 Benefits of Display Advertising for Your Business

Know the Benefits of Display Advertising for Your Business

It's not uncommon for a website visitor to browse a certain shopping site and click on some shirts, spend some time on the site and leave without buying. When he visits another site or surfs the next time, the same products which he checked out before appears on the websites he is browsing.

This is a form of marketing technique called re-targeting that you can accomplish with display advertising. Display advertising is customized ads, using graphics such as videos, animations, etc., to draw quick attention. Advertisers with the help of cookies find out about the online activities of a user and then use the information to display ads on the websites the users frequent. Display ads are also known as banner ads.

Today, when the attention span of visitors is getting lesser and lesser, new styles and ideas need to be brought into internet marketing. This is where display ads score the highest.

6 ways in which display ads help your business

Appealing and pleasing

Display ads with rich imagery such as animation and videos, etc., not only look more professional but also are effective in capturing the attention of visitors. They are pleasing to the eye and portray a professional image of your brand. Also, you can create the ads the way you wish.

Unlike conventional ads which are more static, display ads provide a variety in terms of style and design. Thus, they can be a prominent feature of your digital marketing initiatives.

One of the primary advantages of display ads is that the stunning graphics generate more impact. They are able to say so much more in a matter of few seconds. You can develop ads that promote your brand strategy. This is a great way to attract new customers and also to convince those who are in two minds on whether to buy or not.

Display ads can be used to connect to those who have visited your site in the past and also those who are unaware of your brand. Display ads put out your message quickly; thereby they do not test the patience of the visitors.


Remarketing is how display ads help

If a visitor visited your site but left without buying, what could be the reason? There could be many; maybe they did not buy because it wasn't affordable or they were looking for something similar, or they got distracted during shopping. Whatever the reasons might be, you can remarket to the same audience again using display ads.

Your ads may show similar products or the same product but with a discounted price, prompting the user to revisit your site and make the purchase. Thus display ads help in better conversion rates.

Display ads are cost-effective

When compared to the cost you will have to incur for other types of online ads, display ads are cheaper. They are less competitive, and also there is no need for space jostling which is why they do not cost as much. Therefore, display ads can be a great tool for promotion for small businesses which do not have a huge budget for advertisements.

Track your results

Display ads are best when it comes to providing you specific data regarding how your ads are performing. You can get updates on how frequently your ads get clicked. This can give you valuable information on which ads are working and which are not. Based on the data, you can tweak the ads to increase their appeal.

Better targeting

Display ads are also beneficial for effective targeting. You should get in front of your ideal customers. So display ads help in reaching out again to those who visited your site, second, they also help in reaching out to those who may not have visited your site but are looking for similar products as yours or who can be potential customers.

They also help in targeting certain demographics such as geography, gender or age, which most display ad platforms let you choose.

The ability to attract attention, a higher degree of persuasion, high ROI are some of the advantages of display ads and can be very beneficial for your business.

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