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TBT: What Facebook Was Like When It Was First Created

We all know and love Facebook. But, have any of you ever stopped to think how much it has changed since it was first created by Mark Zuckerberg?

We sure have because it is truly amazing the amount and ways it has transformed from 2004 to now.

Facebook started out as a network that was meant for people to share pictures and connect with each other so users can stay up to date with their friends that they may not get to talk to as much because they moved apart from each other, or simply grew apart but still want to keep in touch in easiest way possible.

Since then, Facebook has become the world's largest social media platform and is now used to send people virtual gifts, tag your bestie in memes, apply for jobs from the job postings, and sell your old car on the selling pages that Facebook now offers.

Taking a step back to see exactly how much Facebook has evolved is an amazing representation of how advanced our generations have gotten, as well as how advanced our technology has gotten too!

Do you have a favorite memory of the old Facebook? We would love to hear it so we can add to the list of evolution's Facebook has gone through!


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