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The Age of the Micromarket?

Back in ancient times (that is, before 1996), big companies and big brands ruled the market. Then came the dot-com boom. With the internet and manufacturing lot sizes of one, virtual companies were supposed to spell the end of big brands and usher in the age of the micromarket. What we've ended up with instead is an odd dichotomy of mass and micro. On the one hand, big brands still rule in many cases: Coke and Pepsi ; Bud and Miller ; GM , Ford , Daimler-Chrysler and handful of other large auto makers. Even the internet -- supposedly the ultimate micromarket vehicle -- is dominated by Amazon, Yahoo and Google. And of course, no industry is more dominated by one brand than computer operating systems, where all alternative operating systems combined don't generate 10% of the revenue of Windows. And yet, simulateously, markets are indeed becoming more micro. When I was in high school (too long ago), there were only a handful of teen subcultures: you were either a Jock, a Ner

How To Do Caribbean Marketing

I just got back from Aruba, on a "free" trip that's going to end up costing me dearly -- though that is a topic for another post. Although focused on the tourist trade, Aruba has not yet become as commercialized as many other sunny tourist desinations. The lack of marketing sophistication is charming in its own way. For example: Aruba has a spectacular national park. But the park has no visitor center or gift shop -- only a small museum at the entrance in the park, in a private residence which is up for sale. For anyone with an entreprenurial streak and a desire for the island lifestyle, there's a prime business opportunity for you. If you're curious, the asking price is $250,000 U.S., but the park rangers thought that was overpriced for the local market, so you may be able to get the property for less. The island has lots of gift shops, but it seemed that 90% of the merchandise was the same. And the prices were the same in the hotel zone as downtown. Clearly