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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! It was a groundbreaking week for us here at WMC! We made major progression on vamping up our brand and discovered some new SEO tricks that can be very useful in content marketing! How was your week? Have you made any major moves in the right direction as well?

Brainstorming Hour is a MUST

Living in such a fastpaced world can lead to some shortcomings in terms of creation of new ideas that can help keep a company on top. How does one solve this dilemma you may ask? Brainstorming hour is our answer! Getting back to square one with your colleagues can sometimes be the best remedy for a company-wide rut due to being packed with work from the moment you step into the office, till you take that first step out at the end of the day. Take an hour each Friday to unwind and let those creative juices flow!

Sales Team or Dream Team?

Having the cream of the crop people on your sales team could be what sets you apart from everyone else in the industry! Let's say that you and all of your competitors are on the cutting edge of technology, making you all the best digital marketing choice on paper. But, if your sales team can build a relationship that is fruitful and lasts longer than any of your competitors...  You win! It is very easy to forget the power of sales in a technology-driven world. The fact of the matter is, people still like people so until that goes out the door, the best men/ women will always win.

Tools of the Branding Trade

Branding... Good, old-fashioned branding has seemed to have been looked over these days, which is ironic because we now have more tools than ever at our fingertips to create the brand we desire! Instagram Twitter Facebook LinkedIn These tools listed above are the most well-known social media platforms that can help you shape the brand you want for yourself. Now that we gave you the tools, knowing the right tips and tricks for you or your business is your responsibility, but we have faith you can do it. WMC Tip: Don't be afraid to ask your followers for a shoutout or pay a celebrity to give you some sort of recognition in one of their posts! You are guaranteed eyes on your profile once people know you have an in with a celebrity. 

Social Media Marketing: Use These Social Media Tools to Boost SEO

Social Media Marketing: Use These Social Media Tools to Boost SEO SEO and social media marketing are two must-have components of any effective digital marketing. Any SEO expert would tell you that social media is too powerful a tool to ignore when it comes to branding. Although social media marketing has been around for a while now, it has now become the most effective tool for increasing traffic and generating new leads. It is not uncommon to incorporate social media websites like Facebook and Twitter in a business development strategy nowadays. But to make these websites generate a reasonable amount of traffic, you will have to rely on various SEO tools. These tools can enhance your social media efforts and SEO. SEO is the art of putting your content in front of the right people. It makes the content easier to discover so that it can be organically shared and re-shared on social media. Here are some ways to make sure that the right audience is seeing your content. Soci

YouTube is Going Big Because it's NOT Going Home

Last month, YouTube launched its new music streaming service that lets users play music for hours on end for free. For just $9.99 per month, YouTube is offering a version of this streaming that lets you skip the ads and download songs... A little like Spotify Premium if you ask us. This risky move into a competitive market has shown the world that YouTube is destined to stay one of the biggest names in video-sharing, even if it means throwing itself to the sharks with the hope of coming out alive and in one piece. We give YouTube an A for trying!

Say Hello to Summer

Today marks the first day of summer and we could not be more thrilled to welcome the new season with open arms! For those who thrive in content marketing, the summer brings many ideas for clients because there are more things to do and places to see, which equals more content opportunities. Happy contenting!

Google is Welcoming the World Cup in a Unique Way

June 14th, 2018 marked the first day of the 2018 FIFA World Cup and Google honored it in the very best way it knows how to. A splash of creativity and a dash of functionality!  The soccer-themed doodle that appears on Google's homepage will show you a live update of the scores, standings, news, brackets, and players of the World Cup matches after you click on it. This is the type of user-friendly tactic Google is known for and every Digital Marketing agency should keep in mind when trying to figure out a fun, yet functional post for their customers/ users.   Let the games begin!

What Is Your Favorite Blog Post From Us?

Hello to all of our very own Web Market Central followers! We are curious as to which of our blog postings that go up on Monday have been your favorite and why? We would love to hear this feedback so we know what kind of content  you like so our writers can make more of it and we have some content marketing  insights for our own reasons.  Thank you!

Content Ranking Too Low? SEO Expert Kelli Frederick Shares Tips

Content Ranking Too Low? SEO Expert Kelli Frederick Shares Tips Content is and continues to be among the primary focus areas of SEO. However, a low ranking content piece can hardly derive your business the benefits that it is supposed to. You can spend hours to come up with a unique and informative piece only to find it lingering in 3rd or 4th page of Google SERP . Content becomes effective only when it is ranking high. This is because Google emphasizes more on user experience, which comes from shares and not manual link building. It is, therefore, that to push low ranking content; you need to bring significant changes in content marketing strategy. Here, let’s look into some of the best ways of pushing good content that is ranking low. Why Does Great Content Rank Low? Content is an important part of an internet marketing strategy, and if your content is not ranking high, it does not always point out to its quality. Many-a-times, even a very well-researched content piece fail

Getting Personal Sells!

Do you actually know your typical customer? Studies have shown that companies who know their average customer in personal ways have more success with gaining sales and higher revenue from these happy customers than companies who do not know anything about their average customer. It might take a little more time and work to get to know your customer on the level that is appreciated by them, but it will be worth it when your sales are up and you have a customer you know you can rely on each month to buy your products.

Even Pinterest is Valuing Video

Businesses should start to direct their attention to the power Pinterest now has for promotional work. The Promoted Video option can be used in so many ways to help get your companies message across to a rapidly growing amount of people on this app! Video has proven over and over to be the best way to get a quick, and clear message to any audience on any subject. Why not utilize this option on one of the fastest growing social media apps for the good of your business!

How a Digital Marketing Agency Can Help You Get More Conversion

How a Digital Marketing Agency Can Help You Get More Conversion  Running a small or medium-size business is not at all easy in today's competitive world. You probably started out with a few contacts and are doing well, but when it comes to expansion, you are often at your wit's end. The key to a successful business is how well you can grow it. In the current digital world, it is easy for your product/business to get lost in a sea of other similar businesses. If you don’t market your business well, then you cannot expand your business. That brings us to your next question. How do you get more conversions? Let’s start with an example: Let us assume you are a student and you need help with your final presentation. You are struggling, and you think that people would come forward to help you when they see you fight. Here is where you are wrong. Your friends do not know that you need help. You need to reach out and ask for it. Your business also works along t

You Know What Time It Is

It Is Almost Time To Say

Web Design Tip Wednesday

When designing a web page, be sure to remember that humans are used to reading from left to right. If you design your most important content to be read from left to right, users will be more drawn to your content and be more comfortable with reading that content as well!

Social Media Marketing: Facebook News Feed Changes Brands Rank

Social Media Marketing: Facebook News Feed Changes Brands Rank Facebook recently announced a radical change in its newsfeed algorithm. It’s going to rank posts by family, friends, and groups higher than news posts or general posts from brands and publishers. Most pundits are hailing this as a social media marketing game changer. In his announcement, CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said the move was meant to encourage people to interact actively using the platform rather than passively consume posts that are fired at them. Speculations are rife about Facebook’s agenda behind the move. Some say Facebook is coming off a rough 2017 where it faced harsh criticism after Russian linked actors placed fake news and ads and manipulated news feed to influence the public about U.S. presidential elections. Facebook has already been seeing dismal organic traffic and users were found to be spending less time on the platform. In the wake of these revelations, Facebook’s revamp seems more self-serving t