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The Top 7 SEO Trends That Will Influence Your Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the strategic marketing process of establishing and distributing consistent content that is useful, enlightening and is entertaining for the potential customers. Content Marketing is important because not only does it help create authority for your brand, but it also sets you up with a community of devoted customers. Customers rely on search engines for solutions, and the best moment to win new customers is to be present when they search for things in your niche. This is precisely why it is pertinent to keep up with SEO trends. Here is a curation of the latest SEO trends that will influence content marketing in times to come: 1.         Search engines are not text-only anymore: Have you heard of Alexa , which was developed by Amazon? Or Google Home ? These are personal assistants that are taking the world by storm. They help answer any of your queries over speakers, just like if you were having a conversation with your buddy. You don’t have to type

Social Media Marketing Tip: Be on these Social Media Channels

What Social Media Channels Should Your Company Be On? In this ultra-connected era, businesses need social media much as fish need water to survive. According to Pew Research findings, 70 percent people are active on one or the other social media platforms and businesses can’t really afford to lose this big a chunk of potential customers. The implication doesn't mean you need need to start marketing on all the networks blindly. You just need to prioritize the networks where your target audiences are active and where you can get the maximum out of promoting your curated content. Although there is no formula that you can follow on social networks that can guarantee success, we have identified a few that you just can’t ignore owing to their massive reach and great features: Facebook Facebook features at the top of our list of social media powerhouses. With a user base of nearly 2 billion people, Facebook is a great place to start your Social Media o

SEO Basics: How to Pick the Right Keywords

SEO Basics: How to Pick the Right Keywords If you are just starting out on creating a website or blog, keyword research is a mighty important factor. And there’s already a ton written about it that can confuse any newbie. If you read too much, it could lead to paralysis by analysis. As things in the world of SEO are changing at a rapid pace, it’s best to learn SEO basics and dive right in. And then learn what works and keep experimenting. Why is keyword research important? Unless you are a big brand like eBay or Amazon , 90% or more of the traffic to your website will be generated from search engines. So, you have to keep up with what people are searching for. And that’s exactly where keyword research comes in handy. For example, if you’re building a site for legal services ; one route to making your site popular is creating useful content in your area of expertise. But this brand strategy could be a hit or miss, depending on whether your audience is sear

The Importance Content Marketing Has When Increasing SEO Value

The Importance Content Marketing Has When Increasing SEO Value What is your primary goal while marketing a business? Getting as many people as possible to view your website, right? After all your website will give them more information about your company, your products, or the services you offer. Your website should show up in search results when prospective customers are looking for the information in your area of expertise. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. You want your website to be ranked high in search engine rankings when someone types in keywords or phrases relevant to the content on your website. Content marketing can be a very effective tool for improving your SEO value. It’s all about creating content that can be used to build awareness for your brand in subtle and not so direct ways. Blogs , articles, and guides are all forms of written content that can be shared. To understand how content marketing can help with SEO, let us conside

Results Driven Marketing RD-Metric Keyword Comparison Tool

BETA Testing of the "RD-Metric" For Keyword Comparison Is Closing The phenomenal Pay per click advertising and SEO Keyword Analysis Tool has been in Beta since April 29, 2017 and the BETA Testing is closing soon. Test your own results The scientists at Results Driven Marketing, LLC have been using the newest and best keyword comparison tool internally, looking to cure what is termed “KWRB”.  KWRB is officially known as the KeyWord Research Blues – aptly named to diagnose and treat the fear and paralyzation of choosing incorrect keywords.   The RDM Scientists have been using the enhanced capabilities of the RD-Metric to splice long tail keywords, dissect them, and provide analyzation and grading of them one by one.  The new testing tool has been in use internally now for a few years.  Revisions, tweaks, and upgrades have been ongoing.  Fortunately for digital advertisers and marketers, you still have time to test it yourself.  Nationally renowned PPC experts, SE