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Digital Marketing for Law Firms, How Hard is it?

A lot of "verticals" or industries make sense for digital marketing and the whole process can be very easy and intuitive. For instance, if you are running a Search Engine Optimization company, it's very straightforward to content market: 1- Write blogs or articles about SEO 2- Try to answer questions people have about SEO 3- Optimize those blogs around what the questions are and what you are saying. But what about an industry that is a lot more complicated and not very straight forward? What about marketing for lawyers? ACE, one of Philadelphia's top Law Firm Marketing companies , just posted this extremely helpful blog about why SEO is important for Law Firms . It delves into exactly how to do the job for a complex industry like the law and its practitioners. One of the key points in the entire article is: "If your customer journey does not have a use for search services, then you'll never see SEO campaign results." We recommend reading