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How Your Web Design Can Ruin Your Paid Search Progress

How Your Web Design Can Ruin Your Paid Search Progress A website is the gateway to the success of a business today and hence, revamping it regularly is required. A redesigned website is beneficial in more ways than one, but it is somewhat, not so conducive to your paid search efforts. Now, this might raise a question as to how can website redesigning be considered an obstacle to the success of the PPC campaigns when PPC is supposed to work well on updated websites? While it is true that a good web design adds to the success of a PPC campaign, redesigning can often sabotage the paid search efforts temporarily, if not entirely. This is because the elements, which are critical for the paid search campaigns, are often ignored or dropped out at the time of redesigning. Here, let’s take a detailed look at where things that go wrong and how website redesigning can be prevented from ruining your paid search efforts. When a website is redesigned, the phone number of th


Enjoy your weekend everyone! We know you work very hard to be the best digital marketers you can be!

The Color Theory & B2B

If you are a B2B marketer, one of the best ways to appeal to your audience is through the use of emotions! And the best way to influence someone's emotion is to consider the color theory! Using colors to make someone experience a certain feeling is an easy and sure way to get through to people.

SEO Basics: How To Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

SEO Basics: How To Optimize Your Google My Business Listing Creating a Google My Business (GMB) account is one of the most effective ways to get noticed in organic searches as part of your marketing plan. While most business owners create their GMB accounts, they don’t realize its full potential. We have compiled a few neat tactics that follow SEO basics to help you optimize your GMB accounts so that you are not only found more easily on Google but also ensure that your account is always updated and accurate. Keep your GMB account details complete and up to date Fill out all the fields Google asks for when creating and verifying your GMB account. Many people are not aware that Google allows anybody to help out in pointing out things that show up in a search about your business profile by clicking the “Suggest an Edit” option. So, keep checking your My Business listings dashboard and reject any unwanted edits. Another lesser-known feature of GMB is “Know this business?

A Niche May Be Needed

Is your agency not getting the results you want? Recent studies have shown that almost every type of digital marketing agency is guaranteed better results if they focus on a niche.. Now what that niche would be is up to your agencies areas of specialty and skill!

Not getting Seen?

Do you have amazing content and a lot of it? Are you not getting as many eyes on your content as you think you deserve? You're probably not practicing SEO the right way, if at all! Working the best practices of SEO into your digital marketing strategy will help boost your content on the search engine listing, which means more eyes on your prize!

Digital Marketing Agency Provides Tips for How to Drive Web Traffic

Digital Marketing Agency Provides Tips for How to Drive Web Traffic Digital marketing requires a considerable investment of time, effort, and money. And when you make an investment, you naturally expect returns. When talking about digital marketing returns, the most measurable one is web traffic increase to your website, social media profiles, or postings. But attracting web traffic is easier said than done. You need a targeted action plan from a digital marketing agency to derive this benefit. These four strategies have helped drive web traffic in recent times and should be a part of your marketing mix. Videos In 2017, video marketing emerged as a frontrunner; not only driving traffic but also keeping viewers engaged far longer than text or image content. So, if your website or posts contain a video, click-through rate (CTR) and bounce rates will see a dip and retention KPIs will swing upwards. Videos are a concise visual means to deliver complex messages s

Keywords are key!

Have you ever wondered how certain pages get to the number one spot on Google? I'll give you the first, and maybe most important step that will help lead you to all the right doors of SEO success... Keyword research! Knowing what keywords are searched the most and the least will really help you realize how to use keywords in your favor.

A Question To Our Readers

In your honest opinion, do you think the advertising industry will slowly be taken over by graphic design? It seems that way when thinking about it logically since society is moving more and more into a paperless world, but we want to know what you have to say on the topic!

Google Reminding Us All To Be Generous

We all know the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button, placed on Google's homepage, right? Well, have you been lucky  enough to get the "I'm Feeling Generous" button, once your mouse has hovered over the button long enough? We recently have, and we just want to say to Google, that we feel lucky  to have clicked on this button this time because it opened our eyes to all the generous deeds that One Today provides. This is a prime example of search engines using their power for the great good. Keep it up Google!

6 Tips for Adding Instagram as Part of Your B2B Brand Strategy

6 Tips for Adding Instagram as Part of Your B2B Brand Strategy Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platforms with more than 800 million active users. Look at the impressive statistics. As per Sprout Social , around 70.7% businesses in the US are active on Instagram. According to Smart Insights, around 59% users on Instagram are under the age of 30. Instagram figures indicate that the monthly there are around 2 million advertisers on the platform. That's a huge number.     With such impressive figures, Instagram is one of the most effective online platforms for businesses and B2B establishments. Yet, many don’t know how to harness Instagram’s full capabilities. To make sure you do it right, here are 6 expert tips for B2B organizations to boost your Instagram game. Get real Gone are the days of static photos and mundane promotional materials. Today, people want to a human element in your posts. They want to see the real you that

LinkedIn is Getting Visual

Breaking News ! LinkedIn introduced the option to add videos on company pages. This is going to be a creative adventure for those companies who want to visually represent what they're all about as accurate as possible! Videos also generate 5X more conversions than any other content.

How Instagram Highlights Can Help Boost Business

Posting Instagram highlights that promote different skills you or your business take pride in can be yet another tool that promotes how you can help the people that are searching for your services. Customers like to see real life examples of what they are about to invest in!

Boring Topic for Content?

Stuck in a rut with a topic you have to write about this week for your daily content assignment? We have a tip for you! Try not to think about the topic as boring. Think about it like you love and have passion for every single word you are typing onto the computer screen. Tricking yourself into being interested in a topic will add a sense of motivation to do the best possible job you can!

Tech Tip Tuesday

Tech Tip Tuesday: Use a password manager to generate a difficult, random password so no hackers can try to hack you/ your company.

Responsive Web Design: Why You Won't be able to Succeed Without It

Responsive Web Design: Why You Won't be able to Succeed Without It You often browse websites on your smartphone. What if you could view only half of the website with images skewed all over the screen? Zooming the screen out also doesn’t help as websites were never originally intended for mobile devices. However, technology advancement has changed the entire concept of browsing. Today, responsive web design has become an indispensable part of the browsing experience. The extensive usage of tablets and smartphones has changed the outlook of web developers towards web design. Let’s study the detailed meaning and purpose of responsive web design: The Meaning of Responsive Web Design Responsive web design refers to the website’s ability to return information considering the device that has requested the information. Responsive web design is extremely critical in today’s digital world as it saves time and ensures user’s satisfaction. After all, who doesn’t like a websi