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It Is That Time Again!

It is the weekend! Don't forget to share with us any marketing discoveries you made over the weekend  

Which Social Media Platform of Choice?

We want to hear from our readers for this question! Which social media platform do you think is the most effective in reaching a target audience? Facebook? OR Instagram?

Wisdom Wednesday Tip

Wisdom Wednesday Tip:  quality over quantity when it comes to links, content, and the amount of work you try to get done in a day. It is better for your business and your mental state to work slower, to work better. Having a lot of poor links and content will hurt you more than it will help.

What We Live For

It is not just a career. It is a lifestyle.

How to Come Up With a Rock-Solid Brand Strategy for Your Business

How to Come Up With a Rock-Solid Brand Strategy for Your Business Modern businesses have to battle for audiences’ attention. A strong brand will make your business stand out from the competition and help create a long-lasting, positive association with target audiences. Without a solid branding strategy , your business is in danger of being lost in the crowd and failing to impress worthwhile audiences. Although investing in building and growing your brand may not seem to give immediate returns, the exercise has long-term benefits that impact visibility and conversion positively. A solid branding strategy is a result of conscientious effort and thorough research and we have distilled the complex mechanism into comprehensible steps below: Outline your brand’s objectives Your brand’s objectives need to align with your business goals. If you are starting a new venture, your vision needs to be clear and realistic. Your brand message, proposition, and tone will resonat

Reddit On The Rise

Reddit is motivated to increase user engagement and availability across mobile and they are planning to achieve this goal by introducing Promoted Posts. This feature lets you pick exactly what audience you are reaching because you now are in control of the logistics.

A LinkedIn Must

A LinkedIn tip you must do: Keep the basic information on your profile as updated as possible. Believe it or not, the basic information is what keeps people from scrolling down because you don't stand out or clicking on your because they want to hire you.

Personalized Content is Gold

Recent studies have shown that content that is personalized through the use of actual customer profiles can help keep customers coming back and loyal to reading your content. Continuous research needs to be done, but it will be worth it. Creating customer profiles and tracking their behaviors through data are two of the most effective ways you can start to create your personalized content. You can gather this data from: 1. Google Analytics 2. Research 3. Lead signup information 4. Personal conversation

The 90/90/90 Rule

The 90/90/90 Rule is a rule for sales and digital marketing professionals stating that these professionals get 90% of their software projects completed 90%, 90% of the time due to all of the other projects, duties, and daily obligations.  DO NOT fall victim to this rule! One of the best ways to make sure that you see a project through from start to finish is to set a certain amount of time aside a day to work on that project, note big milestones for this project after you complete them and use that as a progress report, and at the end of the month, check your progress on the project each month to see where you are. Having a constant check-up on your project will ensure that it does not slip away from your task list, which is one of the main reasons why we forget we have certain tasks. 

404 Errors

Are you seeing a 404 error on an old version of you site? It is ok if you are seeing these 404 errors on very old parts of your site that don't internally link to pages & don't get traffic, they technically don't matter. However, if they are linked, this will be held against your site.

One of Our Best Tips!

This Tuesday we are sharing one of our most valued tips for SEO that many digital marketers are aware of, while many are not. And that is, the use of Moz to check the quality of the pages you want to use as an external link! Moz is a great tool that offers many other tools too! It is crucial for your links to be of high quality when you use them in the proper way with your anchor text because this small change in using better quality links is going to drive your SEO value up a lot more than if you continue to use poor, low-quality links.

How SEO Marketing Is Leveraged and Used Through Press Releases

Press releases have always been a great tool to announce achievements, favorable industry or revenue reports, new product launches or expansion into new market segments, to concerned stakeholders. But a little-known fact is that a well-written, effectively-distributed press release can also compound your web presence and search engine rankings tremendously. Google refreshes its search algorithms almost on a daily basis but three of its most impactful changes have been Panda updates (that cracked down on dubious backlink farming), Freshness updates (preference for fresh, relevant content) and Social Signals (links with relevant social channels). An optimized press release has bright chances of ranking high up on SERPs as it meets all the three updates- it has authority backlinking, if distributed through paid channels such as PR wire or Marketwire; it’s fresh as companies make releases when they have latest, newsworthy information; and it has social proof by simultaneous soci

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Do you have any lucky digital marketing tips worth sharing? We'd love to hear them!

Fun Fact Friday: Google Edition

There are many, many reports that leak to the media regrading Google and its "new updates". Fact of the matter is, most of them are unofficial but still seem to shake those in the industry to the core because then their whole SEO plan of action needs to be changed to fit what Google wants now. Be sure to check your reliable sources (Us) before freaking out!

Google Lens

Are you a user of Google Lens? If so, do you find that it works accurately? Does the suggestion match the image you captured? We all seem to forget this cool tool is right at our finger tips!

Google Has Confirmed a BIG Update

BREAKING NEWS! Google has confirmed the newest algorithm update. This one is beneficial to those pages who did not get recognized in the past. The new update is placing less importance on the pages that have done well previously, and is giving light to the underdogs. If your page has recently dropped from the position it used to be at, do not be alarmed! Since this new algorithm is geared towards letting pages that used to have lower page rankings the higher spots on the search engine listing, the algorithm is only looking out for the low ranking websites. Do not panic, you are still an SEO star!

Structured Data Specifics

Google is saying that in order to be crawled most accurately and as fast as possible, your schema mark up for structured data should be unique on all pages! No duplicates accepted here because Google will not recognize duplicates in any way, shape or form. Google says it's trash.

Alexa is Getting Creepy

Is anyone else as freaked out as we are that Alexa started randomly laughing and that it sounds weirdly close to a human? Do you think Alexa knows that we are talking and even thinking about her right now.. Do we have a robot anarchy on the horizon?

Go Google Go!

Google continues to amaze us with the technology and tools they keep coming out with! They just introduced a tool that can compare your websites speed with your competitors to see how you stack up with them. This is going to be one of the most used tools for those in marketing!

Here Are Some Creative Social Media Marketing Ideas And Tips!

Here Are Some Creative Social Media Marketing Ideas And Tips! Social media is an integral part of any digital marketing campaign today. The various social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and so on have turned out to be equally important for businesses just as much as they are entertaining for the individual users. Now, there are various innovative and creative ways in which these channels can be utilized. With proper social media marketing, you can create a solid fan base, reach out to the communities, effectively deal with the positive and negative feedbacks and more importantly, uphold the brand identity of your business. That being said, the more creative you are, the higher will be your chances of success from the social media platforms. Keeping that in mind, here is a list of some of the most creative social media marketing ideas for you to consider to use for your brand. Running a Photo Contest – With certain specialized apps

Youtube For Brand Building

Did you know that Youtube can be used as a big tool to help promote your brand and/or business?! It may be a platform that gets overlooked because people tend to see it solely as a video streaming platform... Which is true. But, the potential it has to offer outside businesses and brands is huge due to the giant amount of traffic that Youtube gets hourly. About one BILLION hours of video are watched every single day. Having your brand promoted on Youtbue could be one of the best business ideas you have had thus far!

Fun Fact Friday

Fun Fact Friday! Our fun fact of today is how blogs are 63% more likely to influence purchase decisions than magazines. Does your business have a blog? If it does not, this might be the statistic that convinces you to start one up!

TBT: What Facebook Was Like When It Was First Created

We all know and love Facebook. But, have any of you ever stopped to think how much it has changed since it was first created by Mark Zuckerberg? We sure have because it is truly amazing the amount and ways it has transformed from 2004 to now. Facebook started out as a network that was meant for people to share pictures and connect with each other so users can stay up to date with their friends that they may not get to talk to as much because they moved apart from each other, or simply grew apart but still want to keep in touch in easiest way possible. Since then, Facebook has become the world's largest social media platform and is now used to send people virtual gifts, tag your bestie in memes, apply for jobs from the job postings, and sell your old car on the selling pages that Facebook now offers. Taking a step back to see exactly how much Facebook has evolved is an amazing representation of how advanced our generations have gotten, as well as how advanced our technology

Web Design Wednesday

One of the most crucial elements that seem to have been forgotten by many web designers these days is the aspect of storytelling. Your website is telling a story about you or your company, and you need to design it that way. It needs to follow some sort of sequence and plan if you really want to reach your users in the most powerful, effective way possible.

A Favorite Infographic of Ours

What are your thoughts on infographics? What are some of the things you would prefer to see/not see when taking a look at one? Here is our favorite infographic of all time by Bloomberg. A simple, fresh, and precise execution of the data it wants to display, all in one graphic!

Email Click Rates Stable in Q3 2017; Open Rates Decline

Email click rates in North America have failed to increase on a year-over-year basis for 18 consecutive quarters, per Epsilon’s  latest quarterly review  [download page] of client activity. The Q3 2017 report shows the average click-through rate at 3.1%, consistent with the year-earlier period. That in itself could be considered a success: click rates had been trending down for several years, with  each passing quarter seemingly registering a drop from the preceding year’s rate . But if – and it’s a big if – click rates are stabilizing, that doesn’t mean marketers are out of the woods yet. Now it looks like open rates are a concern: the average open rate of 31.2% in Q3 2017 was down from 34.1% during the year-earlier period, and marked the third consecutive quarter featuring a year-over-year decrease. That comes after a sustained period of growth in open rates. Clearly these are aggregate trends – and individual results vary – but they’re nonetheless instructive in unde