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6 New Trends to Consider if You Want to Improve Your SEO Strategy

SEO has been instrumental in the growth of many nascent startups. Even though it is one of the most underrated strategies for digital marketing, the importance of SEO has been stressed one too many times for the healthy growth of a website. There are new SEO trends that seem to be unearthed every so often which cause a stir among the marketers. These trends are important for agencies to be up to date with to make sure clients can benefit. Let us find out what new trends you should consider for your SEO strategy. 1. Keywords are important, but they are not everything: The most important step in building your SEO strategy is defining the keywords that best describe your business. While the yesteryears have been all about keywords and alt tags, the future is gearing towards intent of keywords rather than keywords themselves. Rather than slipping keywords randomly, a shift in the strategy is required to think of content as a storytelling process. Long tail keywords are

7 Effective Ways To Catch Grab Attention Through Content Marketing

The loudest seller gets the customer. NOT anymore! Gone are the days of aggressive marketing, grand claims, and shallow tactics. In today’s market, the loyalty of the customer is not static, the attention span is limited, and options are numerous. Thus, to attain visibility in the market, the big banners making grandiose claims are of limited help. New age marketers need to evolve with the taste and mannerism of the millennial generation; the generation that spends hours on social media platforms, that seeks answers on Google and Quora , and those who work on multiple window screens at the same time.  In its recent iOS update, Apple brought drag-and-drop functionality that enables users to multitask using multi-finger gestures. Users can simply drag items between on-screen apps, use multitasking view to move to different apps, etc. With such a feature update, Apple is clearly trying to catch the attention of the multitasking users. Just as product and services are re

The 4 Pillars of Performance for Digital Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns are not the same as they used to be over a decade ago. Capturing the attention of the audience in 2017 is different because the consumers hold a remarkable control over the subject they see in the media. Internet streaming services and media recording ensure that the consumers do not have to sit through advertisement commercials, which makes more companies try out new modes of marketing. Think back about the last digital marketing campaign that blew your mind. The very fact that you remembered this campaign is saying something, because of how many advertisement campaigns come out in a day . While one will not be able to pinpoint at the exact reason for the success of the campaign in most cases, one of the reasons for the success is almost always because they structured their campaign around the four pillars of digital marketing. Incorporating these pillars into planning your campaign will improve your success rate. 1. Audience: Always know who your au

The Most Commonly Made Web Design Mistakes That Hurt SEO

Common Web Design Mistakes That Hurt SEO If you are a business owner or have your own site, you would want your website to impress. When you express your ideas that would be brought to life by the web designer , he or she wouldn’t want any creative boundaries. That’s fair given that you’d want your website to linger on the minds of people who visit your site, which you hope in turn will increase sales/bottom-line. The primary motive behind using web design is to give the visitors a great user experience, increase website traffic and revenues, which would mean showing up on the search pages of Google. To rank higher on search engines, your website will need to be SEO friendly too. And to get the desired results web design and SEO will need to work in harmony. Can art and technology work together to get you what you want, or is it just a pipe dream? If you give your web designer a free hand without keeping tabs on the SEO technicalities, it can spell disaster. Your websit